•     E very one knows of a hero
  •     P oetry shows all his deeds
  •     I n life he won many battles
  •     C oncluding with death in the fields

                          THE LONELY TREE

  • Gnarled and bent it stands
  •  Giving true testimony to the land
  • To The life and history within
  • To the potato blight and famine 
  • To the women in their shawls
  • And the curraghs in the swells
  • To the fishermen who gave their lives
  • To their widows who still survive
  • To erosion and corrosion
  • To the power of Mother Earth 
  • To the roots of our great ancestry
  • To the British and rebirth
  • A testimony to our resolve
  • To weather life’s great battle
  • And blow another seed to sow
  • In our eternal struggle 



His brain is full of trains and tracks

His friends call him a nerd

He is a social outcast

Or so he has overheard

His life is in a downward spiral
His must escape the trend

Before it gets too serious
And then his life will end

By ; Jpoet7



                            The Brain

  •   The brain is a peculiar thing
  •    open it up and let words fling
  •      The cogs will turn about about
  •     the couplets churn right out right out
  •    We’re all blessed with thoughts and ideas
  •    Let’s turn them into poems please 


  • catapulted  from a deep sleep
  • The phone blasted out on the Bedside table
  • Dreary and gluey eyed I peered at the dial
  • My heart leapt with trepidation
  • As It read, withheld number 
  • I wondered
  • A stranger at an ungodly hour 
  • Bad thoughts ring through your mind
  • All fears return you will find
  • You answer, voice trembling
  • Wondering, worrying
  • An unfamiliar voice resounds
  • You answer stuttering stammering
  • And then relief mixed with seething frustration
  • A stranger, a wrong number
  • Back to sleep, relaxed 
  •  Awake To face another day


  • there are people that I know
  • Who to eating seafood will not go
  • I wish to God that I  could show
  • The benefits of squid shrimp and roe
  • The intake of  omega 3  for eyes and brain
  • Is plain to see
  • It helps to eat oysters crustaceous prawns
  • A healthy body it really spawns
  • So let us all go spread the word
  • And educate the red meat herd

Silent night

  •   I sit out on the balcony
  •   and ponder on what I can see
  •   the clouds sit still up in the sky
  •   the muffled voices of passers by
  •   the distant sound of children crying
  •   imagining the worried
  •   parents praying
  •   a dog barks loud a bird takes flight
  •   disturbed form the nest   with sudden fright
  •   I step inside and close the door
  •   and hear the sounds of night no more