The Baltic States

  • Although History is not my forte
  • I feel that I’m compelled to say
  • That Russia sure has lost its way
  • And Putins power is gone astray
  • A dark and dangerous autocrat   
  • Who in short is just a little twat
  • But really having said all that
  • We still consider him a threat


  •                    Summer planet
  • A summer full of sunshine Rays
  • Of clear blue skies and warm heat haze
  • Of days spent lounging by the pool
  • Of summer hols. Away from school
  • Of ice cream cones and buttered scones
  • Of swimming trunks and sun cream.
  • And then I see the great North Pole
  • A top of it a great big hole 
  • The Penguins and the polar bears
  • They are wondering now who really cares.
  • The icebergs melting moving fast
  • One wonders if the dye is cast
  • How long will our great planet last.
  • The factories and the man made places
  • Increase the effect of greenhouse gasses
  • The fossil fuels whose use abounds
  • Our ignorance of this astounds
  • If we don’t teach energy in our classes
  • The future of our world’s in crisis.
  • No more we’ll see the summer haze
  • A world of deserts no grass to graze 
  • Let’s rethink our strategy on how we live
  • And keep the world that God did give

Childhood memories

While standing in the cemetery ,I recalled how good life used to be ,

Without the Xbox and the wii ,

We would climb upon the chestnut tree ,

And collect large fresh eggs for the tea .


We’d run barefoot thro’ the meadow

Strolling, and laughing as we’d go.

Tilled fields in straight lines ready to sow.

Our small toes turning, the fat worms squirming

In the cold fresh clay of the brown furrow
There was always a sow and piglets

The turkey and its Christmas giblets

The cockerel crew in the morning 

The sign of a new day dawning

The cattle , the sheepdog barking

Swishing tails, large eyes blinking

From large horse flies biting, stinging

My Aunt so happy singing

To the cow that she was milking.
The butter made in the wooden churn

The dried turf ready on the Aga to burn

The new day filled with awe and wonder

A summer filled with joy and plunder.

The new arrival

The new baby

Your wife just had a baby

It’s a bouncing baby boy

Your chest is puffed and you are chuffed

and full of pride and joy.
Let’s celebrate the occasion

With a loud and long ovation

And wet his head it must be said , with a short and swift libation.
Congratulations to both of you

Our heartfelt felicitations

May your life ahead be full of joy
Without too many complications.

The clock just stopped

Not just bricks and mortar,But a store of great renown 

Which catered for all customers

From the country and the town.
The toy store in the basement

At Christmas was a joy

If not for the salesperson 

It was for the little boy.

The adults they had all the space 

To shop and look and buy

The ladies at cosmetics were both beautiful and


The gentlemen in suits and ties were equally 


They’d treat you well and take your cash

Without being overbearing.
The staff nights out it must stated

Could never be classed as over rated.

The friends we made were there to last

Great memories of a happy past.
So now it’s sad to see it closed

With jobs destroyed and futures torn

Our thoughts are with the staff right now 

Let’s hope the future can be reborn

Summers day

  • The silver lining on the cloud
  • Betray the sound the Suns around
  • I look out and shout with glee
  • Let’s don our swimsuits and go to sea
  • All set and ready we make our way 
  • To set about another day
  • But wait, I hear a thunder clap
  • It comes down upon us like a slap
  • It drains us of our happy cheer
  • We’ll have to wait another year

Man with man
Woman woman
To what is holy Ireland

In bishops time it was a crime
 to have a kiss,
Place hands on hips and maybe slip.

The lane ways searched
The hedgerows combed

The kneelers worn,
The first confession born

Dark small and scarey
Words whispered ,muttered only barely

The terrible sins spoken in fright,

Thank God the pope would put us

To keep us gay and full of laughter

A better world forever after.



I woke this morning to that shrill sound,

I spun swiftly around and frowned,

Hit the snooze button and waited,

Watching the countdown, another Ten minutes, Out I rolled hair ruffled, I shuffled

Toward the shower , the cold water stinging

Waking every nerve in my tired creaking body

All set for another enterprising day

Lunch came round

The hunger pangs

I sink my fangs

Into a roll of cheese and ham

A coffee spike then on the bike

To work away the pressures of the day,

Evening comes , the traffic hums,

Tempers flare ,we’re nearly there,

Home at last , watch TV, have our tea,

Set the clock, tick tock , tick tock,

The alarm blares ,it is’nt fair,

Yet another day , who really cares