The smell of fear

The smell of fear.

I stepped gingerly across the field
The innocence of one well heeled
A country scene to behold
About the bull I wasn’t told.

At first the sound it did not frighten
But then my lungs began to tighten
The ground beneath began to rumble
In equal measure did I run-trip-stumble.

I remember falling once or twice
Slipped on something not so nice
The tail had lifted the tale was told
The scent of nature it did unfold.

Jpoet7 ( )

Castle oddfolk

Castle oddfolk

They think we’re old-nondescript
Paling into the background-drift
Remember all our pleasures-fears
Rearing children-wiping tears.

Now sitting in this single space
Tablets in a numbered case
Plastic tulips in a vase
Jigsaws now a lockdown craze.

Suddenly we’re all the rage
Feature on the news-front page
Politicians show compassion
Maybe not-but in a fashion.

Breakfast served now on a tray
By a nurse a life’s bouquet
Always smiling full of joy
Empathy within their hearts employ.

Loved ones lost-a shadow cast
Lessons learned from the past
Life will go on this we know
Along this path we all must go.

Jpoet7 ( )


COP on.

Has this flag of life unfurled
Onto a desert edges curled
Burning now with greed a goal
Concrete buildings-mining coal.

Pinstriped panthers plotting planning
Felling forests flames a fanning
Island homes sinking fast
How long can this madness last.

Use of all our green resources
Steer us onto safer courses
Wind-water-solar power
Help our future blossom-flower.

Jpoet7 ( )

International bullying day

The cowardly bully.

There are people in the wold today
Who comment in a hurtful way
Smashing someone’s confidence
Shy and bashful – consequence.

Stepping on a person’s smile
Spreading lies obnoxious bile
Evil minded – prey handpicked
Ignoring damage they inflict.

Cowardly bullies can’t abide
Leave no room for them to hide
This world will be a better place
If they disappear without a trace.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Crimson petals

Crimson petals.

(Ref. a quote by Dorothy L Sayers)

There were crimson petals on the bench
Where we spent our happy days
Hand in hand we wandered
Admiring their displays.

A fragrance still reminds me
That scent of one so fair
A crimson rose adorning
Your waving auburn hair.

Each year that flower blossoms
As if nothing much had changed
I sit here and remember
How my life’s been rearranged.

Jpoet7 ( )