Good morning and welcome. even in the depths of winter or the full bloom of summer your imagination will always allow you to drift into a place where you can be happy. If this isn’t you just close your eyes, lie back, relax and smile. Play your favourite music or read a poem maybe one of mine, I hope it works and that the rest of your day is a happy one. Live in the present and the future will take care of itself.

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  1. I have come late in life to both writing and the use of my computer gadgets. So forgive any errors. I strive for near perfection. Whether I succeed or not I am going to enjoy trying. I am learning as I travel and enjoy reading other people’s work. I hope that my work will will find a niche of its own in time. All comments will be will be read and whether complimentary or not will be acted on.

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  2. Wonderful to see your blog. If you post your photos alongside your beautiful poetry it will bring joy to countless readers I am sure.
    I am using a tag called Share Your World on Ceeneuners photography website. I think your blog would fit beautifully on that platform. I will send the link but meanwhile you can search for it on WordPress Reader.

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      1. Good morning to you. I hope you find the link helpful.
        I am working on publishing some rhyming picture books for young children at the moment.
        When you are ready I think your poems would make a lovely book illustrated with your photography.
        Do you read John O’ Donohue’s writings? I follow his Facebook page for inspiring words. I know he died much too young but his beautiful site continues to encourage and inspire me.

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