True beauty lies within

Damp dull dreary days
Affect your mood in many ways
Looking out through gloomy skies
Time for thoughts and hidden cries

Grey skies drowning, angel’s tears
Growing deep, welling fears
Waiting for a ray of light
To brighten up that pent up fright.

Thunder lightning tension blast
Clashing clouds a shadow cast
Take a breath embrace the sound
There is true beauty all around.

J. Poet7

feel the sound of nature in your soul

Regretfully rushing through recent leafy falls

rustic remembrances, sadness fills my space.

a place where gladness should gaily go

a merry go round of muddled mind.

rooms rife with idle thoughts

throbbing through the aorta of my soul.

breathless, heaving, start believing

slowly sense the season gleaming.

inhale the scent that Autumn brings

temper the anger that inwardly sings.


J. Poet 7