Daily Post Prompts: Rhyme


A rhyme in time

I racked my brain for hours and hours

To oil grey matter use my powers

Words they jumbled around around

Put together a poem found.

How easy then it seemed to be

Like counting up from one to three

Just take a pen and write it down

Using verb, adjective or noun.

I sat for days with notepad blank

Time went by my heart it sank

Alas it was too high a climb

How hard I tried it wouldn’t rhyme.

©J.Poet7 ( copyright 2017 )

Laughter finds its rightful place

Laughter finds its rightful place

A weight has lifted from my mind

A feather to my soul did find

At times it tore my world apart

Struggled so it broke my heart.

Strange how life can turn around

Despair, solutions could be found

Let not depression take control

Find that helping hand to hold.

At last I’m in a quiet place

Love and laughter find a space

Tension troubles disappear

Solitude and peace appear.

©J.Poet7 copyright 2017