Nature’s model

Nature’s model

I cannot wait to take a walk

Inhale the morning air

Take a snapshot of my thoughts

And then with you I’ll share.

In the treetops songbird sounds

Echo beauty that surrounds

Capture colour, palette pour

Like an operatic score.

Gentle whisper, lilting leaves

Creates a softness in the breeze

Opens senses, pleasant phases

Nature’s model that amazes.

J.poet 7 ( )

Memories in a garden sold

I see her now, perfect style
Forever on her lips a welcome smile
Laughter in those sparkling eyes
Never showing envy or despise.

A listening ear to neighbours woes
An open door that never closed
Calm and settled under pressure
Memories I’ll always treasure.

A house, a home, a story tell
Laughter echoes within its shell
Roses bow in reverence
To her gracious excellence.

J. Poet 7 ( )