Life’s lessons learned

Life’s lessons learned

Our life it was so perfect
Your smile, that warm embrace
The way you entered to my room
Soft satin, golden lace.

Your reflection it no longer dwells
Within my welling eyes
My beating heart now broken
From a love I now despise.

The door it opened one last time
Red roses all adorned
Now shrinking petals scattered
Life’s bridges all but burned.

But that was many years ago
And now my life has changed
That vacant space once drowning
My mind settled, re-arranged.

J.Poet 7 ( )


Do they look in awe and wonder

At the beauty in a tree

Or see the gift of nature

That is the bumblebee.

Take time to stop and listen

To a blackbird or a thrush

Feel stinging of the nettles

As against their bodies brush.

While walking early morning

Hear the rippling of the river

Movement of the native buds

As in the breeze they quiver.

Never hearing that sweet silence

All around them, screaming, yelling

Living in the Centre of

A built up urban dwelling.

J.Poet 7 ( )



You just walked into my dream
A friend for years I have not seen
You always have been on my mind
Only time I could not find.

Strange how life just past us by
Days, weeks, quickly fly
Meaning always to get in touch
A short phone call is not too much.

Quickly now it’s not too late
– Once again I hesitate.
Alas your voice I cannot hear
I didn’t know the end was near.

J.poet 7 ( )