Rush hour

          Rush hour
 People running on their phones

 grabbing coffees on the go

 Early morning rush hour traffic 

 Pent up faces looking frantic

 Smoking E cigs billow out

 Driver anger all about.

 Stall awhile. Take a breath.

 Worry not yourself to death

 Will the world come to an end

  If we stop to meet a friend.






They pass me. heads bowed low.

Shuffle along. no place to go.

Looking out for scattered coins

For them no salmon or sirloins.

A lonely life they now must spend

Can we even comprehend 

From our cosy warm abode

Pass them by, cross the road.

Stop a moment. Have a think.

Are we all not on that brink

But for good fortune we could share

That cardboard box that’s lying there.

So take a minute stop a while

It doesn’t cost to chat and smile

For life’s too short to just ignore

Just like the people gone before.

Blowing bubbles

            Blowing bubbles

Living life in a bubble world

Childhood dreams quickly unfurled

Chasing dreams or dreaming chases

Thinking of romantic places.

In the square of hope and plenty

Skipped and danced ’till we were empty

On the loose, running wild

How good it was to be a child.

Blown away on a gentle breeze

Remnants scattered out with ease

Cherished smiles on children’s faces

Furrowed frowns it now replaces.

Remembering when we were young

Trouble free and full of fun

Just because we’re old and grey

The memories don’t fade away.


They pass me by …………..


      The hidden people

   ( they pass me by, heads bowed low )

How quickly life it turns and churns

That sparkling ember quickly burns.

A furrowed frown upon your face

The twinkling smile it does replace.

While standing in still waters safe

A sudden wave your dreams embrace.

Life’s journey turned from joy to sorrow

Quickly dread a new tomorrow.

There are moments, make you smile

Little things make life worthwhile.

The laughter of the child within

A young boys happy, silly grin.

Life passes by without a care

Too busy for to troubles share.

Sounds of life keep rumbling by

To some it’s pie up in the sky.




Looking through the windows of your mind

Different visions you can truly find

Open up the lock of conscious thought

It can be content or fearful fraught.

It’s always good to air those pent up fears

To cry a little, shed a million tears

Rid yourself of demons deep inside

Let not anger swallow up with pride.

For life affects in many different ways

Fearful nights can change to bright new days

No matter how depressed you think you feel

There’s always hope, beneath your skin to peal.



The farmer ploughed his merry way

In famine fields that once were grey

Sweet scent of tilling, turning turf

By great Atlantic’s churning surf.
Like an arrow straight and pure

The robin and the thrush to lure

His mind on long forgotten faces

Dreaming of romantic places.
A meadow in the far-off hills

Where life seems golden silent still

Now Tempted by the easy life

Away from trouble toil and strife.
Why should we always want for more

When history tells us from before

That land and money will not send

The hand of friendship we extend.