There’s always a box to fill.

There’s always a box to fill

Cobwebs clouded the dark room dangling eerily from the creaking wooden rafters. My dimly lit torch picked up a large trunk in the corner.
The hinges squeaking, creaking as I lifted the heavy lid smothering me with dust. A musty smell often experienced upon entering old bookshops filled the air. I picked up the first book that came to hand. The opening line read “ if you rest you rust “. How appropriate I thought as I eyed the assorted bric -a-brac scattered all around. A toy train, spinning top. Then my brain began to hop from childhood cheers, teenage fears, adult years, joys, tears. If only I had known the truth that fears I felt while in my youth were nothing to be fearful of, just a Learning curve of life and love. Would life have been so different, everyday an education, a step into the unknown. A new year beckons, more memories to gather dust in my new crawl space of an attic. You won’t fit much up there they said as the light from the torch reflected-silver dust streaming across an empty space. I smiled.
Jpoet7 ( )

A note for New Year’s Eve

A note for New Year’s Eve

I’ve little love for New Year’s Eve
All messages we do receive
From people we don’t really know
Smiling shaking hands for show.

Life for some is not that kind
So let’s just keep that in mind
Show a little empathy
A kindness that should always be.

Greet of course-say hello
Make sure that when you go
You leave a mark of understanding
A note of trust without commanding.

Happy new year.
Jpoet7 ( )

Faux fur and labels

Faux fur and labels

It’s awhile since I’ve been to a wedding
Guests dressed in dickies and bows
All seated at separate tables
With people that nobody knows.

They sit there in faux fur and labels
Sip brandies from a wine glass
Think they are better than others
That their neighbours are just second class.

Don’t be that one Who sniggers
Laughs at other’s expense
Be someone who stands up and is counted
And comes to another’s defence.

Jpoet7 ( )

Dost or not to dust

Dust or not to dust

Spiders scurry – shiny floors
Cobwebs clinging – squeaky doors
Dusting down drawingroom drapes
As a creepy Crawley escapes
Screaming screaming climb chairs
Arachnids scurrying on fair armed hairs
What fun it is to clean and dust
Or maybe rest,leave to rust.

Jpoet7 ( )

Embrace the moment

Embrace the moment

Children with their presents played
Games from cardboard boxes made
We laughed sometimes silence fell
Strangers friends all wishing well.

A nod a wink a passing smile
A quick hello makes life worthwhile
To someone you may never know
That gift a footprint in the snow.

A Christmas gift not bought in store
Wrapped in happiness that means much more
Memories of a Christmas past
It’s that love of sharing that will last.

Jpoet7 ( )

How powerful is the sky

How powerful is the sky

cumulative blues-greys
Winter mist-summer haze
Shadows cast-far off hills
Evening mist-morning chills.

All found within this canopy
A space beyond an eye can see
Turmoil in the atmosphere
Thunder lightening coming near.

At times our lives are like the sky
Sadness grasps-a time to cry
But sun awaits-a bright new day
A shining star to point the way.

Jpoet7 ( )

Christmas cheer

Christmas cheer

(Loved ones passed into the night )

Come all children sit and listen
Beneath the yule tree presents glisten
In the distance crisp and clear
Santa’s calling Christmas cheer.

Toddlers all tucked up in beds
Blankets cover sleepy heads
Pretending to be fast asleep
From under duvets slyly peep

Candles in the windows glimmer
As the evening light grows dimmer
Tables laid in festive fashion
carrots there for reindeers dashing.

Created now the perfect zone
No one left there all alone
Keep that candle burning bright
For loved ones passed into the night.

J.Poet7 ( #doolan317 )( ) ©

Heaven’s scent

Heaven’s scent.

Nature touched my life today
In a special scented way
From elderflower to orchid bright
Air perfumed with sheer delight.

Your presence makes it so divine
When our spirits both entwine
You, your eyes so sparkling bright
Comfort me through each dark night.

You are the roots to which I cling
This Love is such a splendid thing
Truthfully gorgeous, elegance, style
You make my living days worthwhile.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

God’s hearth it lies in nature

God’s hearth it lies in nature:

Walk through windswept landscapes
Lose yourself in Forrest’s trees
Listen to sweet serenades
Catch your breath upon a breeze.

Inhale beauty as it’s painted
Upon that palette sent
Simplicity is all we seek
under a canopy of content.

How great to have such freedom
Unraveling our mind
In a world so filled with madness
A web so well designed.

Jpoet7 ( )

My faithful friend

My faithful friend :

The door stood ajar.
She couldn’t have gone far I thought.
The paw prints in the snow were fresh. I put on my coat, scarf and gloves, stepped out into the air, bracing myself against the sudden cold. Trembling at the thought of my little baby out there lost, alone. I followed the tracks which now were being lost in the mix of the traffic. I walked aimlessly to and fro, left then right. The snow began to fall. Surrounded on all sides by screaming, laughing children making large snowmen, snow angels and partaking in snowball fights unaware of my troubles. The more it snowed, the farther I walked from home the more I realized sadly it was time to head back. Tears began to fall hidden by the falling snow. I arrived back at the house and was greeted by that familiar wagging tail and frenzied yelps of joy. It seems Holly had unlike me seen how cold it was outside and doubled back to the comfort of the fire.

Jpoet7 ( )