For I have found a sweetheart;

( sometimes we forget how lucky
we are )

A smile to brighten up my day
A kiss to send me on my way
A tenderness so full of charm
An open heart – can do no harm.
Someone on whom I can depend
A lover but what’s more a friend
For years I lived a single life
I’m proud that you became my wife 💋.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Love is stirring everywhere:

Listen to the wind as it whispers through the trees
A Zephyr from the Gods putting you at ease.
Open up your soul to nature’s sounds serene
A gift so full of treasure to welcome whilst unseen.
Maybe that’s our problem we search for earthly pleasure
While all this time it’s been there
Something we cannot touch or measure.
Take time if just a moment – sense the calmness in the air
Hear birdsong in the distance
Love is stirring everywhere.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Ease that tension deep inside.

We all seek freedom in our lives
Peace of mind for this we strive.
From the day that we were born
People prodding like a thorn.

Too often tend to complicate
Work ourselves into a state.
Take time out to contemplate
Clear your mind, concentrate.

Ease those doubts within your brain
Think of rainbows in the rain
Long deep breath, eyes open wide
Ease that tension deep inside.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Silence often covers pain.

In the brain lightning flashes
Images of ego clashes
Solitude to corners drawn
From shelter surly shadows spawn.

Crowded pavements strangely silent
Crashing on your crisis island
Pounding pain of poverty
Painting portraits powerfully.

Craving kindness common ground
Friendship now a distant sound
Searching reaching to regain
A foothold into life again.

J. Poet7 ( )

Too scared to dance.

Wake up think how lucky you are
There are those who don’t get this far
Be positive do not complain
You’re still a part of life’s refrain.

In the mirror big broad smile
Trust yourself walk with style
Strive to make a better day
Mould a memory from the clay.

You may not get a second chance
On the dance floor too scared to dance
Nobody watching but yourself
Break loose, burst forth get off that shelf.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Like balm to the soul.

His mind melted into happiness.
Heart beating in peaceful harmony.

Forgotten now, sadness, sorrow
Looking to a bright tomorrow.

Where shadows turn to curtains drawn.
A new day born bring forth the dawn.

J. Poet 7 ( )