Richard rabbit of Rhydale

Richard rabbit of Rhydale

Richard rabbit rushed. He had heard how Howard hedgehog had hurried hopefully across a concrete compound encountering enormous engines succinctly suspended skywards. Nostrils twitching. Nauseous gasses gushing gasping grasping.
Henrietta hare had heard Richard reciting recently rhymes relating to Rhydale.

“green grasses grow by furrowed fields
friendly farmers formed friendships with common creatures
Children chased cautiously through thistle covered hills
While daisies danced with daffodils.”

Wallace worm wriggled, wound. Wearily, wondered why there was no sky. The earth was dry. He had to die.
Gertie goat grazing greedily on ever decreasing grasses, ghostly gaunt.
Bones buried in barren burrows portrayed previous portals once positioned perfectly by farmer Fred’s carrot patch. Blue birds bathed in baths sprinkled with sparkling sunlight. Hedgehogs haunting hedgerows. A momentary memory.

J. Poet7 ( )

Lose loneliness

Sweet senses succumb to summer songbirds.
Brains bubble brilliantly by breathing books.
Intelligence informed in interesting ideas.
Lie lazily in love’s laced labyrinth.
Lose loneliness.
Life lasts longer.

J. Poet 7 ( )

The cowardly bully

There are people in the wold today
Who comment in a hurtful way
Smashing someone’s confidence
Shy and bashful – consequence.

Stepping on a person’s smile
Spreading lies obnoxious bile
Evil minded – prey handpicked
Ignoring damage they inflict.

Cowardly bullies can’t abide
Leave no room for them to hide
This world will be a better place
If they disappear without a trace.

J. Poet 7 ( )

After the funeral

At times our world comes to the boil

temperaments our lives to spoil
Friends for life so quickly lost
Before we know we count the cost.

Let’s not waste our lives regretting
Forgiveness found – not forgetting
Eventually the time will pass
Sand slipping through an hour glass

Don’t hesitate, waste delay
Life’s too precious to throw away
Reach out, call, don’t hesitate
Right now before it is too late.

J. Poet 7 ( )

The spirit and the smile

I often called you from this place
Now you are in an angel’s space
Smiling – you were always kind
Your picture came into my mind.

Life moves on so speedily
Scatter blossoms on a cherry tree
Dandelions you always cleared
The blessed things they reappeared

Fondly spoken of in places
In every corner there are traces
Your image colours all our thoughts
And helps us to those bridges cross

J. Poet 7 ( )

Stand alone in silent space

Nature’s such a powerful source
Tap right in feel the force
Feel free – connect your inner self
Blow dust off that mindful shelf.

Stand alone in silent space
Concrete compound not a trace
Flowers abounding freshly scented
Without worry, fuss. Contented.

In your mind, cobwebs drawn
Blow them off, see the dawn
No matter how you feel today
Get out do it your own way.

J. Poet 7 ( )

When sanity comes into range.

We listened to our children’s call
Now rustic autumn leaves can fall
Upon a green and mossy floor
Let nature open up her door.

Bogs bedecked, blooming blazing
Meadows green, cattle grazing
Teeming oceans, cleaner air
A testament to those who care.

Bees now busy pollinating
Colours once more dominating
See how quickly life can change
When sanity comes into range.
J. Poet 7 ( )