Sadness visits

Sadness visits from time to time

Mother nature’s bells do chime.

A broken heart and troubled mind

Memories are all that’s left behind.

Sometimes when the curtains close

Mourning fills, darkness enclose

Too much time to sit and ponder

Wringing hands, tear asunder.

Look around, feel the love

Friends are looking from above

Keeping them close within our hearts

Always caring, the healing starts.


Childhood memories

    Summers past

Piglets suckling on the sow

Aunty milking at the cow

Cockerel crowing in the barn

Uncle spinning us a yarn.
Lifting water from the well

Sunday morning churchyard bell

Golden corn and tilling fields

By the pleasant pasture yields.
On the bog, drink cold tea

A place you always want to be

Scent the beauty in the air

Freedom captured now so rare.
Just a memory now alas

Different era, different class

Softly spoken soothing words

Too busy now to hear the birds.


We work so hard just to survive 

Somewhere a coffin will be held high

People cheer for the death of a patriot

Corrupted by the angry and misguided 

No thought for the innocent.

Atrocities in the name of religion 

Can in no way be forgiven

But let’s not isolate our friends

For that can never make amends.

For those involved let’s shed a tear

Live our lives in love not fear

Let peace be our resolution 

Love become the revolution.


Anxiety and stress

I wake. The night is young

Traffic in the distance hum

Darkness but a shaft of light

Sudden sound, birds takes flight.
Calmness lies within my soul

Clear my mind. Take control.

Breathe slowly, cleanse the skin

Of Demons that lie deep within.
We all of us from time to time

Worry. Worry, It’s not a crime.

Open up, shed some tears

Do not bottle up your fears.
Life is like a bumpy road

Sometimes you carry that heavy load

Just remember however hard it gets

Life’s too short to have regrets.

Life goes on


 At times it takes you unawares

 That certain scent you used to share.

 Embrace the moment, whisper the name

 Admit to your loss, there is no shame.
 Life moves on, we find new love

 Who understand what we’re made of.

 Don’t try to hide your broken heart

 For in your life they play a part.
 Rejoice the fact that you once found

 Someone to cherish, be around.

 Look down they will and see you smile 

 And know their mission was worthwhile.