Getting old

It’s strange how quickly we get old

One minute quick and then we’re slow

Not really the way I want to go

 It’s going to happen that I know
In the meantime I must make sure

That what I eat and drink is pure

And if I do some light exercise

I may live longer I may survive
So let’s now make a resolution 

And change our bodies constitution

And rid ourselves of food pollution

I think that may be a good solution
Or maybe yoga I am reliably told

If only my creaking arms could enfold

Or if my mind would let me try it

With people watching I must deny it
I’ll end up in a Zimmer frame

Shuffle along not know my name

I’m still the same person you should know

Don’t just pass me by please say hello


The wind

IMG_1797I hear the wind I hear it loud

It blows along the fleeting cloud

It’s canopy like a storm filled shroud
A deluge that will cause destruction

It’s water torrents in production

Could alter natures great construction
We can but only wait and see

How strong the wind and rain will be

And drown the earth and bend the tree

My son

 I’m proud of him, he did not cry

At times he makes me angry
But then I think, he’s just a boy

Full of mischief and full of joy
His questions will begin with why 

Then I realise that he’s not shy
When I was eight I only knew

Of Cowboys, Indians and thank you


          Life goes on

Life goes on
 slums, bums, pigeons squawk, people walk,ignoring,sleeping bags, burnt out fags,discarded needles,homeless peoples,notions of grandeur,amid squalor, wake up, stand up, shut up, get a job,taxes paid,your beds made, sleep in it,off the street, into hostels, out of sight,the poor apostle,all Gods children, that’s a laugh,somethings funny, you’ve got money, remember me,In your prayers, who gives a sh…, I don’t care.


Let the madness continue
There’s sadness at the top table now

And All the fat cats heads do bow
Concerned at their big salaries

And the farmers at the creameries
Concerned about their margins dropping

While at the same time fat cats propping
The time has come to root them out

But be careful there’s many more about
They’re all in Brussels at the ball

It’s Ireland after all


Dream on

They say I’ll get my body back 

If I go to the gym

I’ll build up body muscle

And I’ll be looking oh so slim

I’ll have a great big six pack

The ladies will go mad

If only I’d get out of bed

I could end up muscle clad


  Mid morning madness

 I awoke this morning,morning it’s  2 A .M. Wham ,bam ,slam ,this is who I am. Words swill within my brain   Like a runaway train. Am I insane ? I think not. Can I unravel as I travel ? ,as I sit here wide awake fearing that I may wake my wife and hear ” for goodness sake “. How can she understand. There’s nothing wrong, it wasn’t planned , nothing concrete springs to mind, no poem or major novel do I find, maybe I  Am going out of my mind. I will return to sleep of a kind, and wake refreshed in the morning.


Thirsty thoughts

  • I drink a glass of fresh morning air
  • And wish in my heart That I was there
  • And quench the thirst that lingers.
  • I feel the black and frothy stout
  • Inching down my now parched throat
  • Right down to my fingers.
  • Then ready for another mile
  • I walk along in single file  
  • With silly thoughts and a silly smile
  •       Jpoet7  

My wife

A good wife is hard to find

I am lucky I’ve found mine

Her eyes light up every day

Her heart is good in every way

Her smile and laughter her giddy ways

Just blow my blues out far away

Her inner kindness just warms my heart

I miss her greatly when we’re apart

              The shoe shop


  •               I sat there with a frown 
  •                She picked yet another pair
  •                I looked on with disdain
  •                I knew it wasn’t fair
  •                I think she has too many 
  •                But then who am I to say
  •                No matter what I utter
  •                She’ll always get her way
  •                                Jpoet7