We let our hearts play hide and seek

I’m sure your friends will gather there

Stories they will, relay, share

Of time spent in your company

How good it always used to be.

Is it that we’re too afraid

To let emotions be displayed

As others place a kiss on cheek

We let our hearts play hide and seek.

Why do we wait until you pass

Toast your treasures lift a glass

To someone now who cannot hear

The love we felt for one so dear.

Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )

Hacked by someone unknown

People throw rocks at me

Not the type that you can see

Sometimes fling them verbally

Scarring, Scaring mentally.

On my iPhone message me

So cruel it just depresses me

Phrases you will never find

In dictionaries of any kind.

How can people be so cruel

Tease, roast, ridicule

Thoughtless taunts terrorise

My sanity they jeopardise.

In my mind I’m all alone

My confidence completely blown

For what reason I’ll never know

But in spite of them I’ll glow and


Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )