Another planet lost in space

Acid rains – bullets burning

Felling Forests – chainsaws churning

Can we justify the greed

That’s killing off that vital seed.

Burning up the biosphere

Carbon footprint we were here

Falsely fanning fortune’s flames

Reaching far beyond the plains.

Plastic pollutants abound

Strangling the Orca’s sound

Sentenced by our selfishness

And utter lack of consciousness.

Soon the sun will have its say

For nature’s rules we did betray

Drift into darkness, not a trace

Another planet lost in space.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Allow those dreams within you burst

Be positive, let thoughts flow in

Place negativity in the bin

Confident in your ability

Give yourself some sense stability.

Life a perfect living thing

Embrace it now, let nature sing

There is nothing more empowering

Than to see your sureness flowering

It may be difficult at first

Allow those dreams within you burst

Ignore all doubts inside your head

Rip them up, forever shred.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Turning one

Turning one

Another birthday party

I heard the adults scream

Running, laughing, shouting

Clothes covered in ice cream.

Singing birthday jingles

Blowing out the candle

Eat another slice of cake

It’s more than I can handle.

A front room full of presents

Wendy houses, dolls and cars

I know that she is turning one

But I think it’s gone too far.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Let us learn from recent history

I once met a couple oh so wise

So distant in their deep blue eyes

Upon their arms there was a stamp

Numbers from a concentration camp.

They spoke of torture and of pain

Crushed in pens on a cattle train

Stripped of all their dignity

A crime of viscous villainy.

Evil minds now still defend

Horror hard to comprehend

In their memory I shed a tear

As hate once more erupts I fear.

J. Poet 7 ( )

We all believe in different ways

We all believe in different ways.

When I was at school God was a man

Thought to bow to his command

Learned His many rules by rote

All my life to Him devote.

To me at times I was afraid

That I just would not make the grade

End up in the fires of hell

Forever in that dungeon dwell.

Now I see a different path

Forgiveness rather than the wrath

More a sense of inner peace

A place for tensions to release.

Encountered many who believe

In different ways they do receive

Perceive our Gods in different ways

With friendship as it’s cardinal phrase.

J. Poet 7 ( )