Let us learn from recent history

I once met a couple oh so wise

So distant in their deep blue eyes

Upon their arms there was a stamp

Numbers from a concentration camp.

They spoke of torture and of pain

Crushed in pens on a cattle train

Stripped of all their dignity

A crime of viscous villainy.

Evil minds now still defend

Horror hard to comprehend

In their memory I shed a tear

As hate once more erupts I fear.

J. Poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )

We all believe in different ways

We all believe in different ways.

When I was at school God was a man

Thought to bow to his command

Learned His many rules by rote

All my life to Him devote.

To me at times I was afraid

That I just would not make the grade

End up in the fires of hell

Forever in that dungeon dwell.

Now I see a different path

Forgiveness rather than the wrath

More a sense of inner peace

A place for tensions to release.

Encountered many who believe

In different ways they do receive

Perceive our Gods in different ways

With friendship as it’s cardinal phrase.

J. Poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )

A stormy night

It never stopped that wind and rain
Chestnut trees creaked in pain
Drip, drip from gutters leak
Out of a window I sneak a peek.

It’s three AM time to sleep
Back to bed in darkness creep
A thermal duvet keeps me warm
Lie – listen to the raging storm.

I awake early next morning
Different sounds, day is dawning
Cawing crows, screeching magpies
Serenade clear blue skies.

J. Poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )

Have we lost the plot

Ponder badger your in peril

People judge you, dangerous feral

Traps are laid a cull performed

A vigilante group is formed.

Of nature we have lost the plot

Our time on earth a fatal blot

Ignoring climate changes scream

Too concerned with self esteem.

It’s not too late to turn around

Reintroduce a Forrest sound

Educate with good foundations

Securing life for generations.

J. Poet 7 ( @wordverse.me )