A hand that touched my childhood

A hand that touched my childhood

One so warm and tender
Who’s love In all its splendour
Consoling the disconsolate
To a bosom did surrender.

Youth yearning for the succour
Of a healing helping hand
Embracing without question
In a magic wonderland.

Lifting fears with laughter
hand to wipe a tear
Settled by the knowledge
Of your presence drawing near.

Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )

Angry farmer

Angry farmer thunders shouts

Murder most fowl
Said the chicken to the fox
With feathers scattered all around
No Cockcrow in the morning
Sly footprints to be found.
Steals back to its hidden den
Past the robin and the wren
Where hungry cubs await
Dribble drool salivate.

Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )

If we had only known

If we’d only known

Yesterday we worried
But tomorrow never came
Our minds were set on problems
On fears without a name.

Time spent looking forward
Regretting what was past
A life that should be happy
Into a shadow cast.

Be joyful for the future
Be open not confined
Live just for the present
Be happy, gracious, kind.

Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )

Forward planning

Forward planning

Constant traffic passing by
People rushing, seagulls cry
Tempting tempers, traffic trials
Stretching back miles and miles.

City’s sucking, snarling sounds
Clouding lines of sanity
Exhausting, fuming temperance
Venting plumes profanity.

Concrete towers – pylons high
Reflecting greys reach to the sky
Forward planning gone askew
Should we have a wider view.

Jpoet7 (@wordverse.me )