Demise of a covid hedgehog

Demise of a covid hedgehog.

Lulled into a false sense of security. Harry headed home to the leafy comforts of a warm nest. For the past few weeks it had been unusually quiet. There was a definite feeling of spring in the air. Harriet his constant companion for many years was following slowly behind.

They had crossed the motorway on numerous occasions with little difficulty. Today should have been no different. Harry made his way to the dew laden grass on the far side. In touching distance of home he turned – waited.

Harriet by then was in the middle of the road. A powerful light blinded him – noise like thunder frightened him – the earth trembled. He was left all alone.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 )

A stranger passes

( to Janet F )

A stranger passes
(To Janet F. )

At times it’s difficult
to trace a heart behind a face
a beauty that’s within
Just layers beneath the skin.

A person you might meet
a stranger she will greet
a kindness just to show
to a face she does not know.

Upon those lips a smile
that glistens so with style
a helping hand extends
as if we were dear friends.

Oh that we all be such
So much more a common touch
Instead of crying of your woes
be kind to anyone who goes.

JPOET7 ( )