Proud to be me

Proud to be me

Should I feel guilty by using He
uncomfortable that it is not she
seriously has it come to this
That the use of gender is amiss.

Have we gone a step too far
Do we still know who we are
Surely it should never be
Concealing our identity.

Why can’t we just be ourselves
Leave pronouns open on our shelves
Express our views as we see fit
Let prejudice not smother it.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

Good morning

You’re awake,
one of the lucky ones
Don’t hold a knife,
play with guns
Don’t be angry,
cruel, sad
Life’s too short,
be kind not bad.
Do be happy
Smile hello
Throw some light
As you go
For love is near
Around that bend
Your joy today
Will find a friend.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )



Scattered seashells, shifting sands
beneath a child’s excited hands
ferns, thistles meadows rolling
happiness just keeps on flowing.

Barefoot step in cold dark clay
tumbling, rolling – new mown hay
carving names on large oak trees
lying, listening to honey bees.

Such are memories of times past
passing years have shadows cast
days, months, years go by
memories, moments in my mind’s eye.

Jpoet7 (#doolan317 ) ( )

Hands press-partition glass

Hands press-partition glass

Lost in the shadows of my mind
troubled now – I cannot find
see your smile – gentle reach
Scrambling, searching – inner screech.

Rolling back to childhood days
Muddled, confused, vacant gaze
Hands press – partition glass
Seconds, minutes, hours pass.

ceaseless silence, constant-blaring
Pressured nurses, doctors-caring
Unfamiliar sterile spaces
alas no more warm embraces.

Jpoet7 ( # doolan317 ) ( )

A spirit moves us

Moves within us everyday

in a most mysterious way

Guiding us as we move on

Unknown aid we lean upon

Silent spirit – secret sign

help our energies align

From our shoulder take a weight

relieve us from a turmoiled state

let that spirit be our guide

be forever by our side.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )