Simple Sunday Silliness

He was a London trader

Who dealt in novelties

To all who stopped to visit

His banter was to please

They thought they got a bargain

Wrapped up with a smile

But when they found it was a dud

He had moved on to Argyle.

Jpoet7 ( )

Words can be a powerful force.

His voice had a menacing tone

An unknown number on the phone

Alone, she tensed a fear inside

In her mind nowhere to hide.

Imagination running wild

Shaken like a frightened child

A perfect life now torn apart

By a stranger without a heart.

Words can be a powerful force

An educational fine resource

Be careful how you use your voice

For good or evil you have that choice.

Jpoet7 ( )

Families in portraits drawn

History frozen in colors grand

Portrait drawn by artists hand

Pictures of how life had been

Ancestors remembered never seen.

Hanging now in dusty frames

Ghostly faces forgotten names

A past that we should not forget

Ignore our history, now regret.

Climb into our family tree

Familial traces you may see

Surprised at what you may find

From a simple picture in your mind.

Jpoet7 ( )

Lost without Wi Fi

You haven’t been here in an age

I’ve been checking on your page

Feeling lonely deep inside

My access to your site denied.

Lost, alone, unloved, rejected

Wi Fi cut so disconnected

Will I have to venture out

Stretch my legs go walkabout.

Draw the blinds, see the light

Speak to people, be polite

Or maybe even exercise

I think I’ll just sit here fossilise.

Jpoet7 ( )

For a moment I did hesitate.

Relax, enjoy, there will never be

This time again for you to see

Friendship, beauty that surrounds

Close your eyes, silent sounds.

Spend too much time hesitating

One split moment meditating. Can

Clear your thoughts of negativity

Will make room for some creativity.

Worrying what others think

Throws you sometimes out of sync

Too often problems you create

Pause a moment – life can wait.

Jpoet7 ( )

I’m waiting for you to say I love you

For years we lay down side by side

It’s ages since you became my bride

Through troubled times, wedding chimes

Hills and mountains we have climbed.

Down the years I have to say

You cared for me in every way

Supported me in times of need

From your energy I still feed.

I’ve waited years to hear you say

Not that it matters anyway

For love is shown in many ways

I see it always in your gaze.

Jpoet7 (