The day the dance beat me

In the dancehall I recall

I suddenly felt fearful, small

For two left feet I do possess

Attempt the jive to no success.

Others move with guile and grace

To charm the ladies win the race

I stand alone feel abashed

My early hopes cruelly dashed.

A simple act so it would seem

A backward step on self esteem

I tried I tried to no avail

To feel that beat I always fail.

Jpoet7 ( )

That Wooden Spoon.

Pipe down up there I heard her say, Get off your arse go out to play.

They’re up there jumping on the bed, Screaming shouting wrecking my head.

If I have to ask you one more time I’ll be up them stairs commit a crime.

Down they came with a skip and hop, Out the door didn’t wait to stop.

That wooden spoon not far behind, You must be cruel to be kind.

That was back in the dark ages, When children read from books with pages.

Climbing trees, bloodied knees, Greasy chips and mushy peas.

Playing games out in the street, Listening to music with a beat.

So quickly it all has changed, Everything’s been rearranged.

Children’s brains to PCs wired, Thinking muscles long retired.

Hours spent in isolation, Creating now a robot nation.

Forgotten how to socialise, extreme to mention exercise.

Where real friends no longer call, No running around no playing ball.

We’ve lost the act of sympathy, honour, love or empathy.

Thus our world is run by fools, who govern now by their own rules.

Our apathy has led us here, to a place indeed we all should fear.

JPoet7 ( )

From that doorway as I pass by

A stranger on a familiar street

Awakened by that pounding beat

Of footsteps splashed haphazardly

From suits to rags they dare not see

Or choose by choice to ignore

That figure lying by a door

Into an office air conditioned

From human suffering now partitioned.

But even in that darkest day

With life in hopeless disarray

She cracks a smile when I say Hi

From that doorway as I pass by.

Jpoet7 ( )

Protection from the thorns

Plant a little heaven in your day

Grow love in a very special way

Place petals as you pass by

Cast glances with a loving eye.

Thankful to be alive

Because of others we survive

Make an effort, show concern

Through kindness we can learn.

Rid yourself of airs and graces

We are made of different races

For those who harbour fears

Feel abandoned full of tears.

Make a space within your life

A calm corner amid strife

A wind shield from the storms

protection from the thorns.

Jpoet7 ( )

A simple word……

Why not make today a special one

Do not complain go have some fun

Open up a brand new door

New adventures to explore .

In that mirror crack a smile

With all your worries, reconcile.

Fears placed back into a drawer

Locked inside for evermore.

With confidence make your way

A loving nature do display

Remember every kind remark

Could be a stranger’s vital spark.

Jpoet7 ( )

Simple Sunday Silliness

He was a London trader

Who dealt in novelties

To all who stopped to visit

His banter was to please

They thought they got a bargain

Wrapped up with a smile

But when they found it was a dud

He had moved on to Argyle.

Jpoet7 ( )

Words can be a powerful force.

His voice had a menacing tone

An unknown number on the phone

Alone, she tensed a fear inside

In her mind nowhere to hide.

Imagination running wild

Shaken like a frightened child

A perfect life now torn apart

By a stranger without a heart.

Words can be a powerful force

An educational fine resource

Be careful how you use your voice

For good or evil you have that choice.

Jpoet7 ( )