Lonely, depressed, in the corner of her mind

She sits desolate head deeply bent in anguish

Surrounded by the remnants of her recent past

Her family long since gone from her life

Where can she turn, she is drowning in self pity

No friends come knocking on her hall door

Laughter and toys missing from the playroom floor

Where did it all go wrong, confused, she rocks 

She had promised to stop in a whispering cry

The bottles hidden in every corner, tempting

Shaking she needed the courage to go on

But now all is lost, the terrible cost

Of an alcohol addiction.


The last farewell

 The last farewell


He was so happy when we would meet

His smile, his eyes would light, his handshake,

But now he’s gaunt the cancers struck

His skeletal frame, he’s bald on top,

But there’s still a sparkle, he’s still so sweet

Despite the pain, the dwindling breath,

He likes to see his friends come around

But some have stopped, don’t make a sound

You cannot blame them it can’t be easy

To see him lie there, slow uneasy.

 Though his wife is there a tower of strength 

The tea, the chat,like an angel sent.

So take a moment of this precious time

To look beyond the timid frame 

And see the man you knew so well

Take a moment some tales to tell

To watch him laugh or hear him cry

There’s still sometime to say goodbye.

Human nature

       Human nature
By natures beauty I was enraptured
By sea and sky I was truly captured

The sculptured land and verdant pastures

The mountains and the rivers mastered

Waterfalls like torrents thunder

Fill me full of awesome wonder

Such destructive force that tears asunder

The structure of our firmament.

Through deep cut valleys the river flows

As it swiftly moves the land erodes 

Changing the landscape as it goes

The power of nature it truly shows

Human damns and power stations

Light the homes of many nations

If global warming takes its course

We’ll soon be without this natural resource.


        Standing on the ledge of time

     Standing on the ledge of time
Standing on the ledge of time,Shadows in the distance

I smile when I recollect the joys of long past Christmas 

The excitement of the night before all snuggled up in bed

And dreams of Santa flying with presents in his sled

Of waking up next morning and running down the stairs 

Expectantly excited to see what presents were left there

The turkey and the pudding the crackers and the jokes

The joy and laughter still ringing great memories it stokes

But life does have its ups and downs and I remember well

The troubled world of war and crime the stories I could tell

We thought that World War Two would teach us all a lesson

But even now the warring tribes would drive you to depression

There’s poverty and there’s discontent in nations East and West

There’s global warming and wind power and political unrest

There’s China and there’s Russia and their power hungry dictators

And in the West we have the oil and the political manipulators

But what I’ve learned in all my years that history comes in cycles

So I stand here on the precipice of yet another major crisis


        The sadness of her passing

The sadness of her passing

– ———————————————————-

The fires that burned the embers in her mind

The heat the warmth the energy has died

She said that she’d be with me and she lied

She doesn’t know I’m with her and I cried

I remember all the good times that we had

To look back on all the albums makes me sad

To see her sitting there without a care

For someone who has loved it isn’t fair

Her door was always open to her friends 

It’s so sad to see her life come to an end


Summer Loving


We walked along the shoreline

 silent footsteps in the sand

Two lovers, embraced softly, hand in hand
Seagulls chorus in the distance

Children’s buckets building castles

Sunshine, kites and sea shells glisten
People pass by smiling faces

Calm, untroubled slower paces

Leave their troubles in suit cases
Gather,laughter summer pleasure

Together families finding treasure

Let this moment last forever


I wake up in the country

The silence it surrounds me

No noise of traffic in the distance

Throngs of people and impatience
My heart beats at a slower pace

A step away from the great rat race

My mind full of serenity and peace

All my troubles they have ceased
Thoughts of happiness and of joy

No mind intrusions to annoy

No more obscenities to obscure

Just nature innocent and pure


She passed me by in leather

My heart began to patter
The birds began to scatter

I walked on with a swagger.
Hoping that she would notice

I was under her hypnosis
Praying my endeavour

 wasn’t hopeless.
She turned at the next corner

And met her six foot partner
 with a slight shake of my pelvis

I felt more than a little jealous

If my wife had only pictured

The images that I had conjured
I’d have been severely injured

With bones so badly splintered
So next time you see a beauty

Even though it is your duty
Ignore the urge that swells within 

Your head
For if you don’t you won’t wake up 

Next day beside her in your wedding bed



image     Nature

The trees swayed swiftly in the breeze

Bringing nature to its knees

Golden leaves dropped to the ground

A dulling carpet for the sound

Birds shivered in their shiny feathers

Huddled closely in their nests together

Clouds scuttled across the dark grey skies

Leaving Fleeting shadows as they pass by

Cool raindrops dropped on sodden earth

Giving certain plants a quick rebirth

I stand in awe and wonderment

At the elements in the firmament