Remember me

Lost in tangled torrents of my mind

Memories I now struggle so to find

Faces ghostly now in their appearance

Smiling just a distant interference.

At times a flash of vivid inspiration

Clear as day recall the information

But then, there is no way I can relay

No matter how hard I try, I cannot say.

I am here within my troubled mind

Sit, don’t shut me out, just be kind

Stay awhile you may not see the flicker

When your around my heart just beats 

A little quicker.

Outwardly I’m just a timid frame

Inside I see your face it’s still the same

Thankful now for kindness that you now show

Hold my hand it’s near time for me to go.


Fear the future

                                    Fear the future
 I fear the fuse is getting short 

 While we are praying for support.
 One man governs now with tweets

 Unrest is spilling on the streets.
 A fearful shiver down my spine

 See refugees along the Rhine.
 Their villages the bombs do pummel

 Homes and schools now turned to rubble.
 The world sits now upon the brink

 Can we survive or will we sink.
 For now the UN must police 

 Come together and broker peace. 
 Fears are that it is all too late

 We sit for hours in this debate.
 Do they listen or even care

 Radical, fanatical, doctrinaire.

No way back


                                       No way back


“Pack up”. said mrs. Rabbit “Hurry”

Ignore the sounds, no need to worry

The earth above now torn to shreds

Raging earthquakes in our heads.
In war the humans do engage

Killing all in rabid rage

To think that they are “civilised”

To us it comes as no surprise.
 Evolution of the human race

 Has evolved into a basket case

 We watched as guns, bombs, knives

 They took away each others lives.
They hunted us into extinction

 Blew the ozone to depletion.

A rocket launch it zoom right past

Sadly this world has seen its last…

Don’t hide your fears

        Don’t Hide your fears

Wake up early cover your head

It’s so easy now to stay in bed

Close your eyes to troubles mounting

Ignore the bills, just stop counting.

Behind locked doors no prying eyes

No one can see your slow demise

Smile for neighbours who pass by

Inside that troubled heaving sigh.

Spring is here buds appearing

Birds awake loudly cheering

Maybe it’s time to step outside

No scary world from you to hide.

Just pent up fears exaggerated 

Inside your tangled mind debated.

You know sometime you must shed

The dreadful fear that’s overhead.

There’s always hope, friends to share

People out there who really care

Let them in and you’ll feel better

Work through troubles now together.