Sleep soundly in your bed tonight.

The world is now a safer place
We all can now a new day face
Where Donald did his enemies trump.
Theresa May have got the hump.
The DUP have shot their bolt
With Arlene sticking by her vote
Singing from the Paisley sheet
On Queen or country they’ll not be beat.
North Korea at last at peace
Nuclear threat will now decrease.
Russia China shaking hands
Thinking of their future plans.
India’s star is shining bright
By shooting down a satellite.
Filling Pakistan with fear
And the nation of Kashmir.
But we have United Nations
To neutralize the situation.
Negotiate a peaceful pact
Help East and West to interact.
Sleep soundly in your bed tonight
For the future has never been so bright.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Lament the cry of the orca whale.

Let us all lament
a creaking timber sound
Echoes of the forest
now no longer found
Death knell of Blue oceans humble bumble bees
In the name of progress
And lumber industries.
Plastic, paints and toxins
Killing Orca whales
Pythons, lizards, Pangolins
Hunted for their scales
Melting of our glaciers
Due to global warming
Ignore this at your peril It may be our final warning.

J. Poet 7 ( )

You are not alone

Feelings, moments, laughter, smiles
Comfort in our memory files
When searching for a quiet place
These emotions we embrace.

There are times we all feel low
Need someone, somewhere to go
Be it sickness, money worries
Do not hide, ignore or bury.

You may think that you’re alone
That those fears are all your own
There are friends who really care
And gladly will your burden share.

J.Poet7 ( )

Footprints in the sand.


Walk slowly through the wilderness
Clear your mind of worry, stress
Inhale all beauty, hidden charm
Be kind, step lightly do not harm.

Be mindful of all who live there
Flora, fauna who share the air
River passing, songbird sounds
Echoes on the soul rebounds.

For we are only passing through
One day we’ll bid you all adieu
Leave our footprint in the sand
Knowing we gave a helping hand.

J. Poet 7 ( )

When progress killed the countryside

Sadness gripped the countryside
A community and village died
The throbbing heart of Ireland
Its empty ruins are all that stand.

It’s a pity there is no one here
To see beauty in this biosphere
For nature takes its normal course
To scent the Lilly and the gorse.

Now in fields where children played
Lovers kissed, plans were made
Shattered dreams, emigration
Complete this countryside castration.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Being different is Beautiful.

For you the stars come out at night
The morning sun is shining bright
Your loving nature warm embrace
That puts a smile upon my face.

Your very being is what I live for
The whispers, mumbles that I abhor
Do you feel those arrows thrown
That pierce and cut me to the bone.

At times being different pays a price
For ignorance is not so nice.
Being deaf, blind, special needs
There is no reason not to succeed.

J. Poet 7 ( )