Time to take a moment

Time to take a moment.

We have so much to offer
Oftentimes unaware
Of how a simple greeting
Can show how much we care.

Next time someone passes
take a moment – say hello
To acknowledge their existence
May matter more than we can know.

For life’s not always easy
Sometimes behind that smile
Just show a little courtesy
I’m sure it will be worthwhile.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) @wordverse.me

Don’t be so blind

Don’t be so blind

In solitude we will survive
This virulent viral scourge
By washing hands – wearing masks
We will surely purge.

Those out there who do believe
That this is just a lie
Ignoring all obvious signs
I ask the question why.

People lie in corridors
Our streets filled up with ghosts
While you in total ignorance
Of immunity will boast.

Can you not see the anguish
That has visited mankind
Wash your hands, wear a mask
Awake, don’t be so blind.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

A masterpiece or epic

A masterpiece or epic.

I imagine it’s like painting
Writing down some lines
on a large blank canvas
With a myriad of designs.

Your mind is all a clutter
Scattered words – colour codes
A brushstroke or a fountain pen
Awaiting to explode.

An idea it begins to build
At times it all depends
On that momentary motion
Who knows where it will end.

A masterpiece or epic
Only time will tell
For there is nothing sweeter
Than silver strokes in lines pastel.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Find your Karmic habitat

Find your Karmic Habitat

Even on the bleakest morn
whipping winds widespread warn
rising rolling – surging swell
spinning swirling problems dwell.

Sun is always out somewhere
spreading rays of joy
close your eyes, breathe slowly
Its wonders to employ.

Arid deserts, barren places
one can find a calm oasis
a friendly port to anchor at
find your Karmic habitat.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Love yourself more

Love yourself more

Do we take for granted
The jibes that we are thrown
In the corner of the schoolyard
When we’re on our own.

Like worms they are divesting
Our creative brain
Eating at our confidence
Washing down the drain.

Or do we just ignore the bully
With a broad beaming smile
Show them up as nothing
With courage and with style.

It may not be all that easy
I know if you just tried
friends would gather around you
You will hold up your head with pride.

For a bully will be broken
By the good that’s all around
The more that we ignore them
The meeker they will sound.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Have you forgotten me

I write lines about the weather
sometimes sad and gloomy
Shadows that are scattered
upon a darkened wall.

Sometimes I write of radiance
of sunshine and of smiles
Beauty of the rustic leaves
that do in autumn fall.

But in truth I write of feelings
deep deep down inside
Of arrows that have pierced me
injuring my pride

Where life’s daily turbulence
is terribly disturbing
To others it is minor
to me it’s most perturbing.

But read into it as you may
The problem it’s all mine
Thank you for your presence
You stem my deep decline.

Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )

An Acrostical jump into January

An Acrostical Jump into January

Jump into this month
And you will find
New year’s resolutions of every kind
Up every morning, out for a run
After a while it wasn’t much fun
Reason then began to take hold
Your runners on eBay Speedily sold.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )