Global warning




    Smog has lifted across the land 

    All that’s left is shifting sand

    Where once the raging river ran

    Natures thirst is drained by man. 

    Deserted now the forest floor

    Oil slicks mar the sandy shore

    Wading birds all feather bound

    Choking fish, a burial ground.

    Businessmen in pin stripe suits

    Ladies dressed in designer boots

    Greenhouse gases getting hotter 

    All driven by the yen and dollar.








Some celebrate. Some shed a tear

Let’s rid the world of this pollution


Another shooting a heinous act

Innocents have been attacked

Because of some demented cause

Endorsed by their invented laws.
Somewhere people shout and cheer

Do they not the wounded hear

What evil lies within their head

That they the blood of blameless shed.
No celebrations this new year

Replaced by sorrow, shed a tear

Let peace be our new resolution

And rid the world of this pollution.