The smell of fear

The smell of fear.

I stepped gingerly across the field
The innocence of one well heeled
A country scene to behold
About the bull I wasn’t told.

At first the sound it did not frighten
But then my lungs began to tighten
The ground beneath began to rumble
In equal measure did I run-trip-stumble.

I remember falling once or twice
Slipped on something not so nice
The tail had lifted the tale was told
The scent of nature it did unfold.

Jpoet7 ( )

Castle oddfolk

Castle oddfolk

They think we’re old-nondescript
Paling into the background-drift
Remember all our pleasures-fears
Rearing children-wiping tears.

Now sitting in this single space
Tablets in a numbered case
Plastic tulips in a vase
Jigsaws now a lockdown craze.

Suddenly we’re all the rage
Feature on the news-front page
Politicians show compassion
Maybe not-but in a fashion.

Breakfast served now on a tray
By a nurse a life’s bouquet
Always smiling full of joy
Empathy within their hearts employ.

Loved ones lost-a shadow cast
Lessons learned from the past
Life will go on this we know
Along this path we all must go.

Jpoet7 ( )


COP on.

Has this flag of life unfurled
Onto a desert edges curled
Burning now with greed a goal
Concrete buildings-mining coal.

Pinstriped panthers plotting planning
Felling forests flames a fanning
Island homes sinking fast
How long can this madness last.

Use of all our green resources
Steer us onto safer courses
Wind-water-solar power
Help our future blossom-flower.

Jpoet7 ( )

International bullying day

The cowardly bully.

There are people in the wold today
Who comment in a hurtful way
Smashing someone’s confidence
Shy and bashful – consequence.

Stepping on a person’s smile
Spreading lies obnoxious bile
Evil minded – prey handpicked
Ignoring damage they inflict.

Cowardly bullies can’t abide
Leave no room for them to hide
This world will be a better place
If they disappear without a trace.

J. Poet 7 ( )

Crimson petals

Crimson petals.

(Ref. a quote by Dorothy L Sayers)

There were crimson petals on the bench
Where we spent our happy days
Hand in hand we wandered
Admiring their displays.

A fragrance still reminds me
That scent of one so fair
A crimson rose adorning
Your waving auburn hair.

Each year that flower blossoms
As if nothing much had changed
I sit here and remember
How my life’s been rearranged.

Jpoet7 ( )

To be – or – not to be

To be or not to be

I want to be an astronaut
fly out into space
Visit all the planets
Our universe to trace.

Earths problems compounded
Polluted – on the edge
Despite all the promises
Politicians always pledge.

Our children’s aspirations
That they shall one day see
A world without pollution
Alas may never be.

Jpoet7 ( )

Those cuddly paws

Cats- sheets – cuddly paws

I saw a cat upon my bed
on my sheets it’s hairs all shed
It purred so sweetly in my ear
Until its-sparkling claws appeared.

Luckily my eyes had closed
It only scratched my forehead, nose
Then onto my pillow lay
It’s demise now just a whisker away.

The time had come for it to go
Schemes in my head began to grow
I look again my heart thaws
How could I hurt those cuddly paws.

Jpoet7 ( )

Dublin in the rare old times

Dublin in the rare old times

We build hotels, cycleways
Bury lives of bygone days
Display our narrow arrogance
An ancient city to enhance.

knocking down our heritage
Brass plaques on a river bridge
From Merchants Arch to Cobblestone
A blasphemy we can’t condone.

A playground for the upper class
To me it’s just a little crass
Lacking foresight, culture, taste
Catastrophe by undue haste.

Jpoet7 ( )