A Royal corgi

A Royal corgi

With the greatest respect to a special Lady.

Her corgis have lost a friend
At her side so loyal
It did not matter to them
That She was a Regal Royal.

I’m sure they’ll miss her terribly
While awaiting her appearance
Shedding now a silent tear
Their grief so incoherent.

We see a hearse move slowly
Through silent solemn streets
I’m sure they’ll also mourn her
As at rest She lies in peace.

Jpoet7 ( wordverse.me )

Silence now-sirens stilled

Silence now-sirens stilled

Now once more
those battle cries
Terror tremors
Fill the skies.
Scattered remnants
Lunchtime treats
Upturned tables
Empty seats.
Children scream
They know not why
Their games played out
No sad goodbye.

Jpoet7 ( wordverse.me )

A cold new world

A cold new world

Where are the screams now
Behind computer screens
Delivered by an internet
Cowardly and obscene.

In a world of nobodies
No humans just androids
Drawn into an argument
Sucked into a void.

Strangled by a stranger
Wrecking self esteem
I doubt they ever worry
If they never hear your scream.

Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )

When vegetables are all we grow

When vegetables are all we grow.

Harriet Holstein hurried-worried.
Having heard casual conversations-vegetarians-vegans-
voicing vegetable varieties- problems presented by populated pollutants
who should for the sake of future generations
be removed from the fields
to grow lentils-beans and other such yields.
Greta goat giggled-Peter pig pondered.
What a peculiar world it would be,
no animal to see.
Where would they all go-
into a zoo-
put on a show-
where will it all end-
whose to know-
when vegetables are all we grow.

Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )

Fish friendly for our future

Fish friendly for our future.

Naked now a lobster lies
Without a shell as it’s disguise
Once a beauty sea adorned
Now a delicacy chef transformed.

A creature of great beauty who
Graced the oceans it passed through
A marvellous marine crustacean
Now a dish with cool libation.

Silently seeking solitude
Into the depths to death elude
Cracked sounds-champagne claws
Expensive taste of a posh bourgeois.

Jpoet7 ( @wordverse.me )

In love let doubts unbind

In love let doubts unbind.

Walking on hot ashes
Hand in hand with pain
Traversing life’s encumbrances
At times feels in vain.

Light is often covered
A veil of self remorse
Something you just can’t touch on
That set your mind off course.

It’s easy to drop deeper
To the recess of your mind
Let’s douse those burning embers
In love let doubts unbind.