My New Year’s Resolution

My New Years resolution.

I feel like old Saint Nicholas
In fact I look ridiculous
I’ve eaten turkey, ham and cake
Never stopped for goodness sake.

Put on my shirt the buttons popped
Sat on the couch my backbone locked
It must have been that last mince pie
My jeans won’t go beyond my thigh.

I suppose to you it’s no surprise
For I haven’t done much exercise
For Twenty Three a new regime
I’ll start my diet-it’s just a dream.

Jpoet7 ( )

Love always

Love always

Love lies deep within my heart
No matter where you lay
Your presence comfort’s always
When life gets in the way.

Sometimes sadness grips me
Suddenly it’s there
Not knowing where it came from
For you are everywhere.

We often sat in silence
Embraced the soft sweet air
It’s alright now to cherish
Even though you are not there.

Jpoet7 ( )

On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day

Not an agnostic-an acrostic one

O ver the hills they came
N ot knowing their destiny

C amels laden with precious presents
H oping for a miracle
R ising up in the sky, a bright star
I nviting them to Bethlehem
S traw filled a lowly crib there
T o warm a newborn child
M essiah lies with Mary and Joseph
A way in a manger
S ending a message to the world

D estiny awaits
A ll Heavenly angels sing
Y es a Saviour is born. Alleluia.

Jpoet7 ( )

Spread kindness ( acrostic )

Spread kindness ( acrostic )

Simple thought at Christmas time
Presents make heart bells chime
Ringing carols, angels sing
Every moment, joy you’ll bring
Dropping rainbows, colouring.

Kindness wells within the heart
Initiate why don’t you start
Never let that evil win
Deliver love make heartbeats spin
Naturally it will return
Every time you show concern
Stop squabbling, bickering, splitting hairs
Someone out there needs your prayers.

Jpoet7 ( )

A little kindness

A little kindness

Westerly winds whip wildly
Children school ward bound
Some cheerful others less so
Bent upon their way.

Some splash in muddy puddles
Skip happily, full of joy
While others walk with hunger
We should wonder why.

In this world of plenty
Are we not ashamed
Pointing fingers, shaking heads
We’re not the one to blame.

Silently without a noise
Food appears, clothes, toys
Presents placed beneath a tree
Spreading goodness silently.
Jpoet7 ( )

Facebook friendship remembered (in memory of Roy Turner)

Facebook friendships remembered

Friendships come in many ways
In these social contact days
Although we may never meet
Pass each other in the street.

We feel a camaraderie
For one we may never see
Feel a certain familiarity
Although that could hardly be.

We know not who we’re speaking to
Or if it’s really real
But then if if someone passes
That inner sadness feel.

They touch us with their beauty
In picture, word or story
Bring nature to our daily lives
Sunset, sunrise, glory.

There’s left behind a legacy
A story has been told
A tune sung so melodiously
A memory leafed with gold.

Jpoet7 ( )