Cast upon a Christian shore

Living on the margins – existing

Dreaming of a better life – persisting

Reaching out for freedom – groping

Adrift on open waters – hoping.

Washed upon a foreign shore – confused

Dazed, dizzy, destitute – bemused

Children’s pleading tearful eyes – implore

Politicians, pinstriped suits – ignore.

Familiar now upon our plasma screens

Are we so immune to sights obscene

maybe we could do a little more

For all those cast upon a Christian shore.

J. Poet 7 ( )


Locked inside that puzzled brain

Feeling on the verge – insane

Fearful of the world outside

Confusion reigns nowhere to hide.

Imagination locked in cycles

Swirling – ever decreasing circles

Walls cave in begin to crush

Reaching out no hand to touch.

Creaking, on the verge of tears

Surrounded by those inner fears

There is no future in the night

Just one step a glimpse of light.

J. Poet 7 ( )