Nature’s magic

Nature’s magic
Hope Springs – winter’s passing
In a garden bud’s amassing
Crimson crocus-crescendo-noise
White tipped snowdrops quaintly poised.
Feathers flutter-mating calls
Love is in the rain that falls
Silent now from underground
Nature’s magic can be found.
In a world of deep discord
Sow a seed of sweet concord
Look into our souls to find
Leaving winds of war behind.
Jpoet7 ( )

Glory at this beauty made

Walk softly fear of fairies wake
A moment in their footsteps take
Silence in this lichen land
In wonderment of nature stand .

Lost a moment’s solitude
Scent an air of life imbued
A canopy of rustic shade
Glory at this beauty made.

A thousand years of history
Within a single tree
Let’s marvel at its chemistry
Walk on, let it be.

Lough Errit walk