Daily prompt: Unfurl


Peaceful moments

Onto golden sands it rolls

Rippling waters sooth my soul

Peaceful moments fill my mind

Such solitude is hard to find.

Out on western windswept shores

Away from daily mundane chores

Inhale the bracing ocean air

Frolic freely without a care.

Open up that priceless pearl

Let Achill’s endless space unfurl

Drift away on open seas

Relax, enjoy just take your ease.


Achill Island off the West coast of Ireland another pearl on the wild Atlantic way.

Daily prompt: Glaring


The glaring sun

The glaring sun is amplified
By burning coal’s we provide
To melt the Arctic’s glacial core
Wash roaring seas upon the shore.

Arid deserts now survive
Where flora fauna once did thrive
Now only skeletal remains
Lost alas the planet’s plains.

Man’s footprint can be found
On beachfront, foreland, underground
Stop before the earth’s ablaze
Let nature once again amaze.