How quickly friendships shred

How quickly friendships shred.

Dropped into a torrent of emotion
On a thunderous wave it drifts
On the surface – chasms – rifts
Trust hurled into abyss.

Silence steals a once held love
Brain clouds closing up above
Time trapped beneath a veil
On words a ship did sail.

Feelings amplified
Bottled up inside
Life twisted on its head
How quickly friendships shred.

Jpoet7 ( )

An icon wannabe

An icon wannabe

Happiness is hard to find
In a closed, cluttered mind
Cogs wounded, worried, winding
To a standstill, slowly grinding.

Lost deep within life’s landfill
Groping failing to fulfil
That perfect image that you see
A computer icon wannabe.

Difficult as it may seem
hope within that inward scream
Open up to those around
Relieve that inner mental pound.

Jpoet7 ( )

The poison plant

When she discovered the poison plant she knew
As soon as she had signed, the pen dropped from her fingers.
The final draft of her will complete, an act she was not entirely
happy with. her husband had convinced her that it was all for the best.The changes that he suggested seemed strange at the time but she had finally agreed. As soon as she had signed the pen dropped from her fingers. she noticed the poison plant which she had cherished for years had been moved from its usual position it was then that she knew.

You are

You are

An essence of loveliness
Melting my soul
An aromatic arrow
Piercing my heart
A mountain of energy
An invigorating presence
A shoulder to cry on
A stepping stone to life
A smile that consumes
A being with many rooms
Doors always ajar
No matter what the issues are
Even when we’re apart
You light my every day.


Under a canopy of covid confusion

Under a canopy of covid confusion

Even when the rains came
it seemed more intimate.
Fish and chips was never so romantic
huddled together, wiping raindrops from your brow
Sodden sandals searching
for comfort on my lap.
A street full of life, light, laughter
A colourful reflection of life
In a world confused by complications.
Jpoet7 ( )