Love finds a way

Trapped within a troubled world

in a mind so twisted / knurled

love suspended deep inside

release that spring let me ride.

Trampled by my troubled brain

pent up anger – silent pain

hitting out at loved ones dear

even so they persevere.

A moment in a happy place

see a smile upon your face

my brain it sparks, traces bright

You’re constant love / see the light

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Living in the zone

Living in the zone

Playing Tarzan / climbing trees tumbling / falling / bloodied knees stinging nettles / thorns / thistles / jumping / kicking / blowing whistles on happy streets / spinning tops / cries of laughter / never stops / from early morning ‘till sunset falls / Kicking footballs / vaulting walls / snitching apples / jumpers full / Life was lively / never dull. Now our children / never seen / in the gardens / on the green / locked now into / cyber space / of fun and games / there is no trace / who are we to criticise / maybe we were not so wise / life was then so innocent / of evil doings ignorant / no conversations at a dance / book appointments in advance / traditions trampled / much is lost / in future we may count the cost.

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With a colour of my own

I seldom went to movies

they were never fun alone

rather listen to my music

In a bedroom on my own.

It wasn’t that I wanted to

I felt so isolated

In a world of images

In my mind I had created.

For outside I was different

with different coloured skin

people jeered / looked at me

as if I were a sin.

I never understood back then

why it was such a crime

In a world that’s painted

In colours all the time.

I lived within a circle

of bigotry and hate

ignorance in people

prejudice from the state.

With dignity and fortitude

in life I have survived

Hopeful this at last will change

and unite this great divide.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

Sadly we’ll never learn

Yesterday Ireland opened its doors to business. Will we ever learn.

Sadly we’ll never learn

The Penny hasn’t dropped

as queues of people shopped

lines, lines / unmasked faces

viral smiles / once more embraces.

Months we spent alone in lockdown

city silent / scary ghost town

friends we lost / private sorrow

fighting for a new tomorrow.

That sacrifice / we’ve all paid

stepping stones / neatly laid

frontline staff / lives in danger

for us all friend or stranger.

Forgotten now for a bargain

lured again / sales pitch jargon

there is a word for those who queued

me I wouldn’t be that rude.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

Clouds closed in

Clouds closed in

Caw, cawing In parliament – Rooks return – raucous rookeries. Starlings swiftly swiping air – chattering murmurations. Swallows swoop silently – flights – feeding furiously. Low light looms large – streetlights shimmer. Clouds creeping closer – day drifts – darkness.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

Don’t blot it out

History lies beneath our feet

peel it back – such a treat

bog lands, moors, highlands all

stories that in truth enthral.

There are those who do not care

no respect for values – rare

concrete jungles, carbon copies

felling trees – killing poppies.

Our future lies within the past

lessons learned forgotten fast

take a moment, think about

nature’s beauty – don’t blot it out.

Jpoet7 ( #dolan317 )

A simple moment in time

A simple moment in time

The garden came alive with birdsong, Swifts, starlings, swallows swooped swiftly beneath the trembling leaves of chestnut trees. Robins, sparrows, tits were busy feeding on disturbed aphids. Raindrops delicately poised on scarlet fuchsia tips as scattered leaves danced amongst the buttercups. A moment spent in tune with nature.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )