Just a thought

Just a thought

It is said that life is what you make it
Sometimes we put on our happy face
To just go out and fake it
I wonder why this has to be
For it’s not always what you see
Within the minds of those around
There just may be a hidden sound
eating at their dignity.
Searching for a friendly touch
A close embrace not so much
But someone they can turn to
Release the valve undo the screw
Who knows today it may be you
That will be by their side.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

A bank holiday rant

It was just a little fun

Will they ever listen
Who travel far and wide
Those doubting unbelievers
March around with pride.

Openly flaunting rules
With no concern for others
Selfish in their civil right
To play the rest like fools.

Who think they are invincible
Standing on a principle.
Free to do what they like
Without any consequence.

Contented in the knowledge
That they pay their taxes.
Rich enough to travel
Before quarantine relaxes.

See them laughing openly
At this viral pestilence
A sacrifice for others
To them it makes no sense.

Knocking on the nurse’s door
They should be number one
As if they were so special
It was just a little fun.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Me my pillow and Netflix

Me my pillow and Netflix

Woke one day couldn’t see my toes should have been beneath my nose
But as I looked into the mirror
It just became a little clearer.

When I say a little – I mean a lot
For my belly – has just gone to pot
Did it just happen overnight
Or could it be my appetite.

For lockdown has me driven to
Bottled wine – Vindaloo
After which it’s to the couch
So much for my rotund pouch.

I know – I’ll do some exercise
Stretch out biceps, buttocks, thighs
Train to run a marathon
My mind just rambles on and on.

Until it comes to a sudden stop
Once again to the couch I hop
Beer, popcorn, pick-a-mix
Me my pillow and Netflix.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Forever I’ll remember

Forever I’ll remember.

Sorrow like a ripple burns
Into a broken heart
Years spent together
Forever torn apart.

Times we spent in company
That smiling face I still see
Stories that were never told
For now your lips are sealed.

Memories will never fade
A touch so warm and tender
Embrace me now in heartache
Forever I’ll remember.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )