Peace : a notion

       Peace: a Notion.
The end of the world is nigh

A preacher on the street did sigh

Tanks and planes and guns pass by

People poor and desolate cry.
General through his looking glass

Espy the soldiers as they pass

To wars that are not of their making

Women children babies quaking.


” Make the world a better place

 All those heathens do erase”

“Who are they to disagree 

With people of our pedigree”.
Think, what do we leave behind

Broken nations you will find

A body full of discontent

Frustration anger now to vent.
 Nowhere for us to hide

Within our midst they do reside

Await a moment of least resistance 

Slaughter harmless, innocence.
Let’s all bring this to an end

Races, creeds do not offend

Teach our children dignity

Let them grow up happy, free.
Jpoet7 ( word )

Simple minds

         Simple minds
Peel back sadness and you’ll find

Deep within that troubled mind 

There lies a happiness within

Beneath that dark encrusted skin.
Seek out goodness in your brain

Jump upon that joyous train

Be kind be nice do not prejudge

Let not race or colour 

your judgement Fudge.
Jpoet7 ( word )