Your perfect smile I can see

Within my heart a quiet room

Where you abide memories abloom

A fragrance you left in my soul

Sounds of soothing rivers roll

In your garden roses 🌹 bloom

Lifting spirits out of the gloom

A place where sometimes I abide

To have you with me by my side.

jpoet7 ( )

Adults derange, children change

There was no difference in our appearance

Before that adult interference

Subtle hints of disapproval

Then that play day blank refusal.

At five I could not understand

One minute we were holding hands

Playing games side by side

I’ll be husband you’ll be bride.

But in time we grew older

Things became a little colder

The attitude had left a scar

She was a migrant from Myanmar.

Jpoet7 ( )

A hospital visit

A moment sitting by your side

I thought your eyes just opened wide

A glimpse of who you were before

Your brain shut down closed that door.

A mother whom I’d come to love

A treasure given from above

Childhood memories streaming by

A single tear came to my eye.

But life it runs in many streams

Sometimes happy others screams

If you can hear me let me say

You were my comfort in every way.

JPoet7 ( )

Suddenly everything became clear

suspended in my sleepless night

Twisting turning tiredness fight

Drifting dreams shadows shiver

Frightened how I quake and quiver.

How quickly thoughts run astray

In such a terror laden way

Under covers breathing deep

Ghostly traces inside creep.

Glinting now in morning sun

Beads of sweat on body run

Suddenly it all was clear

From imagination arose fear.

J. Poet 7 (