After the storm

I’m glad my roof was overhead

As pouring rain from heaven shed

Gutters played a merry tune

While branches in an oak tree crooned.

On window panes droplets raced

Spider’s webs, glistened, laced

Sheltered under sills, secure

Awaiting their next fly to lure.

Weather’s such a fickle matter

High winds blow leaves scatter

Flooding rivers sodden ground

Thunder crashing all around.

When the wind and rain is past

Sunshine now its shadows cast

Stretching out on forest floor

Nature settles down once more.

Jpoet7 ( )

Open your heart let love release

I hope that life treats you kind

That in friendship you will find

A way not to discriminate

See all prejudices dissipate.

Live with love and kindness for

Someone you’ve never met before

What good can anger, hatred bring

Wasted hours, torturing .

“For what” I ask “ see humans die “

While those among us wonder why

Let us all live life in peace

Open your hearts let love release.

Jpoet7 (

Fragmented Friends

I lay awake, could not sleep

Thoughts into my mind did creep

Of childhood days we were friends

Never dreamt that it would end.

But even though we do not talk

On opposite sides of streets we walk

That lonely step a bridge too far

Too late now to heal that scar.

We have gone our separate ways

Your warmth and kindness with me stays

How quickly can relations burn

Have we reached that point of no return.

Jpoet7 ( )

The Artist

Art is such a personal space

Where easels take a special place

Time stands still, mind performs

Visions of violent thunderstorms.

A pallet laid out rainbow shades

Brushes rags various blades

A blank canvas stands before

Awaits the artist to adore.

But as in life it’s not easy

At first you sit there bright and breezy

It’s then that you just realize

That you’re not Da Vinci in disguise.

Jpoet7 ( )


I must make time so much to do
Where to start not a clue
For reasons I just don’t know why
Minutes just keep flying by.

Make a coffee sip a while
Watch the clock hands on the dial
Settle to a comfort state
Alas those chores will have to wait.

Panicked now I chase around
All my plans have run aground
Take a breath relax and say
Tomorrow is just another day.

jpoet7 ( )

Your perfect smile I can see

Within my heart a quiet room

Where you abide memories abloom

A fragrance you left in my soul

Sounds of soothing rivers roll

In your garden roses 🌹 bloom

Lifting spirits out of the gloom

A place where sometimes I abide

To have you with me by my side.

jpoet7 ( )

Adults derange, children change

There was no difference in our appearance

Before that adult interference

Subtle hints of disapproval

Then that play day blank refusal.

At five I could not understand

One minute we were holding hands

Playing games side by side

I’ll be husband you’ll be bride.

But in time we grew older

Things became a little colder

The attitude had left a scar

She was a migrant from Myanmar.

Jpoet7 ( )

A hospital visit

A moment sitting by your side

I thought your eyes just opened wide

A glimpse of who you were before

Your brain shut down closed that door.

A mother whom I’d come to love

A treasure given from above

Childhood memories streaming by

A single tear came to my eye.

But life it runs in many streams

Sometimes happy others screams

If you can hear me let me say

You were my comfort in every way.

JPoet7 ( )

Suddenly everything became clear

suspended in my sleepless night

Twisting turning tiredness fight

Drifting dreams shadows shiver

Frightened how I quake and quiver.

How quickly thoughts run astray

In such a terror laden way

Under covers breathing deep

Ghostly traces inside creep.

Glinting now in morning sun

Beads of sweat on body run

Suddenly it all was clear

From imagination arose fear.

J. Poet 7 (