One with wool to knit

One with wool to knit.

I often see you in the clouds
Contentedly – I smile out loud
Speak with you – you answer me
Not in words that I can see.

But I know – you are there
Openly that love you share
You answer me in subtle ways
You balance out my days.

Thankfully – you are happy now
You’ve earned your time to sit
One with tobacco – pipe in hand
One with wool to knit.

Jpoet7 ( )

You’re not the fool

You’re not the fool.

It’s so easy to lose track
Falling through that social crack
Society creates its norms
Carving cutouts to perform.

Anonymous now-you must feel
Stand alone-you don’t appeal
Try not worry-you’ll find that gate
Your differences to celebrate.

Remember always that you matter
Confidence may sometimes shatter
Arrogance makes people cruel
Just remember, you’re not the fool.

Jpoet7 ( )

Shining a light on kindness

Shining a light on kindness

Kindness is invisible
To those who cannot see
Simple acts in silence
Turning of a key.

Open up a doorway
A light is shining in
Small steps into a future
Believing you can win.

Love is very precious
Floating in the air
It’s a cherished feeling
Embrace it now and share.

Jpoet7 ( )

Too busy

Too busy

Someone at this moment
Silent through their pain
Be it in mind or body
Tears hidden by the strain.

It’s not that we’re uncaring
Too busy with our lives
To notice someone’s troubles
While we struggle to survive.

A hand upon a shoulder
Knowing you are there
May be the very reason
They step back from despair.

Jpoet7 ( )