Love left me naked

Love left me, naked all alone 💘

Heartbroken shattered to the bone
She walked for Reasons yet unknown

Leaving A void Within my soul
A future Unravelling out of control

I Curse I Swear I Kneel In prayer
At times Rock bottom I Near despair

But then a light shines in my eyes
A corner turned To my surprise

There’s strength within my hurting frame
A new beginning a brand new name.


Guiding light

Photography by : Liam Kelly
Achill Bogwood Sculptures

Lamplight like a beacon bright
Guiding souls into the night

Rays of light allay the fear
Golden sunset draws you near

clouds above confuse the mind
Breath softly, relax, soul refined

Walk out into the setting sun
Forget your troubles one by one




Are pyjamas the sign of ageing
I thought to myself as I slipped
Cosily into my blue silk nightwear
For sixty years I’d done without
Through arctic winters, summers
Drought I’d sweat I’d freeze the
Naked truth not nice to see
But then again there’s only me
In my silky blue pyjamas.