Look into a garden
Amazing things to see
Snowdrops – tulips – daffodils
Buds upon a tree.

Varieties of nature
Too numerous to mention
Pearly petals peeking
Looking for attention.

For spring will turn a corner
When life begins to thrive
Fiery – fresh – fragrant
Inhale – exhale – survive.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

A world lost to social contact

A world lost to social contact.

As I look back in wonder
at all that’s gone before
homeward bound at sunset
You waiting at the door.

happy times were garnished
by laughter, smiling faces
tumbling in green meadows
Young lovers warm embraces.

a childhood filled with happiness
a world of wondrous ways
Never in a stupor
or a maze malaise.

Through a window I can spy Daily life pass quickly by
Silence through a tinted pane
Just a step beyond the rain.

A tear that at times trickles
Tracing through wizened lines
A world lost to social contact
As my time with you declines.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Discard the role of the parasite

Discard the role of the parasite

Remembering those days of Spring
When we heard a robin sing
Time to rise – meet the day
Up – out without delay.

There were always things to do
To the park – visit the Zoo
Have a picnic by the beach
Now it all seems out of reach.

Suddenly our world has changed
Our whole mindset rearranged
No more hugging or embracing
Our facial masks – now encasing.

Time has come to sit and listen
How our rivers – guffaw – glisten
Whispering’s high in the trees
Humble humming bumble bees.

For nature nurture’s life – renewed
A lesson which we should include
As we step into the light
Discard the role of the parasite.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Squinting windows

Squinting windows

There are people in this world you’ll find
Inward thinking small of mind
Peeking out of squinting blinds
Scribbling notes on what they find
Worried at what others do
Pass remarks on me and you.
Growing old with wrinkled face
No companion in their space
Lonely, bitter, isolated
Lack of love, full of hatred.
Open up those curtains wide
See what’s on the other side
Maybe there’s a sweet surprise
If only they opened up their eyes.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Never anger in your heart

Fondly remembered Never anger in your heart

I think of you most every day
along winding roads I make my way
Saluting truckers that I meet
Cordially acknowledge – greet.

I close my eyes, see you
That image warms my heart
Embracing all your goodness
although we’re far apart.

Your laughter still rings loudly
Those scented diesel hands
Never angry or downhearted
By our family demands.

By your side a partner
A couple purely matched
United now in Heaven
Forever lovingly attached.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Out in the elements

There’s a breeze that’d skin ye
As My mother would say
Wrap up well – Eat your porridge
Now off out to to play.

Slipping and sliding – hard to stand steady
Come home for your tea
I’ll call you when it’s ready.

A sneeze or a snuffle
She didn’t care
Wind whipping your nostrils
Fingers numb tingling bare.

No matter the weather
Be it wind, rain or snow
You’d be out in the elements
Without question or no.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )

Easily amused

Easily amused

Do your boxes have babies
In the corner of the room
Shopping bags in closets
Strangling the broom.

Hangers in wardrobes
entangled – Intertwined
Looking for a jumper
Impossible to find.

A list for your shopping
All sorted – arranged
With a push of a trolley
Like one totally deranged.

Life’s sometimes look like that
Confused, baffled, bemused
But when you come to think of it
We are easily amused.

Jpoet7 ( #Doolan317 ) ( @wordverse.me )