Past times

Past Times

Oh those times of pounds and pence

Uncluttered minds of innocence

Where money never grew on trees

Lullabies on mother’s knees.

When tv was in black and white

Children played ‘till evening light

Rolling meadows, climbing trees

Scarring, bleeding, elbows, knees

Patience past it’s sell by date

No time now to stop and wait

Life played out on the internet

Robots rule to my regret.

Evening shadows fall

Evening shadows fall.

A deep soundless calm drifts gently

Onto the shore as evening shadows beckon

Pressing passing ripples onto the waters edge

Sheltered solitude for nature’s elegance.

Time for mindfulness. A solitary space

Gathers up into your inner soul.

Life lingers. Light dims. Peace penetrates.

Stay awhile, breathless, in awe of God’s creation.

J.poet7 ( )

Tall Ships

It’s bank holiday weekend here in Dublin. The sun is out which always brings out the best in the city. The spectacle that is the sails making their way into Dublin port is something to behold. An extra photograph of cricket at Trinity college.