Propping up dry stone walls
Waiting ‘till the church bell calls
Pinstripe pressed – shiny shoes
Ladies in mantillas muse.

Sunday palms – Somber psalms
Wicker basket – collecting alms
long sermon – heaved sighs
Tired hungry – baby cries.

In a churchyard – congregate
Discussing problems of the state
Linger for a little while
Speak of all things mercantile.

Creamy pints lined up waiting
Singing, smiling, articulating
Time for just another one
Before the spuds are done.

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Before the ecosystem twisted

Before the ecosystem twisted

I watched it as it trundled past
Through a silent station
My mind settled – it’s rocking motion
Taking me to another world
Where people populated streets
Shoppers shopped for shiny shoes
Christmas queues made the news
Commuters crammed in traffic jams
Securing their turkey hams
Children gazed – windows grande
Choirs sang of a holy land
Parcels, presents smiling faces
Kissing cheeks-warm embraces
By a beach on balmy days
An audience in theatres – plays
Normality as it once existed
Before the ecosystem twisted.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )

For Mother’s Day

Sonnet 1 For Mother’s Day

Always a smile
Eyes open embrace;
Elegance, style,
Patience, humour, grace;
So welcoming, warm,
Kindness abloom;
A port in a storm,
Lights love in a room;
A door always open,
To one and all;
Advice sometimes unspoken,
A space in a squall;
We remember her well,
Not goodbye but farewell.

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You are you

Do not listen to their snubs
Or their snide hurtful rubs
There are changes you can make
But let them be for your own sake.

For goodness comes from within
And your life would then begin
To flourish like the flower you are
Time right now to raise the bar.

Take a step – climb that ladder
How high up it doesn’t matter
The one thing left for you to do
Just believe that you are you.

Jpoet7 ( #doolan317 ) ( )