What is war for

  • The Isis army marches East
  • This brutal belligerent war lust beast
  • Using the Koran and its scribes
  • To execute the Sunni tribes
  • To bring terror to all Christian nations
  • To use our children as detonations
  • To assassinate in the name of Allah
  • And desecrate the word inshallah
  • The UN and its fellow nations
  • Are sending out these delegations
  • To speak in circles at round tables
  • To broker a deal they seem unable
  • Are we to face yet another round
  • Of troop invasion and bodies found
  • Have we not learned from history
  • That this will not set nations free
  • Let’s try to use our inner resources
  • To eke and plot some other courses
  • There must be terms to make a deal
  • Without losing lives on the battle field


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