Summer planetA summer full of sunshine RaysOf clear blue skies and warm heat hazeOf days spent lounging by the poolOf summer hols. Away from schoolOf ice cream cones and buttered sconesOf swimming trunks and sun cream.And then I see the great North PoleA top of it a great big hole The Penguins and the polar bearsThey are wondering now who really cares.The icebergs melting moving fastOne wonders if the dye is castHow long will our great planet last.The factories and the man made placesIncrease the effect of greenhouse gassesThe fossil fuels whose use aboundsOur ignorance of this astoundsIf we don’t teach energy in our classesThe future of our world’s in crisis.No more we’ll see the summer hazeA world of deserts no grass to graze Let’s rethink our strategy on how we liveAnd keep the world that God did giveBy jpoet7

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