• I know I should let go . It’s hard you know, surrounded by all the memories
  • give them to a charity they say, you will feel better in time. How would they know she was my only child
  • . I watched her grow , play with her dolls, laugh and cry.
  • We spoke of the future , she was going to be a nurse or a vet when she grew up,
  • we were so happy, more like sisters than mother and daughter. 
  • Then she got ill . Nobody saw it coming . The fever struck and she was gone in the blink of an eye 
  • no time to say goodbye. Those bright blue eyes never to shine again .
  • all I have to remember her by are a few toys and a framed portrait which I cherish. 
  • I know deep down that for my sanity and well being I must let go, 
  • but not now , let me rest awhile.

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