How long ago is it since you sat alone in silence. It’s difficult what with your I pad, I Pod, TV, Facebook, E Mail, What’s App and all the other gadgets that surround your whole being. It’s difficult to clear the mind to sit still without wondering. Your brain is filled with electronic pulses – Turn Them Off – listen to the silence. Become as the yoga man says “one with yourself ” you will find if you do that all these things will still be there when you return . If you’re lucky enough to have lots of “friends” on Facebook there will be lots of messages. They waited – but in the meantime be it for 10 minutes or whatever, you were relaxed, you may not realise it but it did you good. If you like me picked up a pen and paper ( remember them ) you did something you enjoy, it’s not being lazy it’s being mind healthy. Why not try it .

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