The feral pigeons fly overhead
Searching out for crumbs of bread

Old People sit in the park below

In heat and cold and rain and snow.

Others curse the vermin birds

And shout at them with cruel words

Why can’t they just understand

That for the poor and not so grande

They are just a lifeline that is close at hand


A Morning Stroll ( to whom if any it may concern )

This morning my walk took me up the quays left across the Liffey  and into  old Dublin. I walked up Thomas street past alpha bargains ( a name familiar from my youth)and a host of small stores, not a sign of a department store,  tea rooms and the pubs open for coffee. I stepped into St. Catherines, a cup of tea and a short talk on the Liberties. Then as you do, into Adam and Eve’s  for a short prayer. As I walked on through the narrow streets it’s terrible to say that I wasn’t at all surprised when On the corner I came upon two males shooting up in broad daylight, it is  residential area where children play outside. I understand that addiction is a sickness but there are limits to what the  residents should have to put up with. I walked back down past the architecturally new civic buildings which now sit I think nicely into the Christ church area. Back across the bridge and into the Four Courts area which was now alive with solicitors and barristers laden down with case files ready for another profitable day in court. I’m glad now that I ventured out and looked forward to tomorrow. 


Hidden Gems


I just stepped out from the car

My lungs filled up with air

I just knew within my heart

I was meant to be right there
The sunlight on the headland

The cattle all out grazing

The goats and sheep o’er in the hills

It was utterly amazing
That evening I strolled along Keel beach

Cool waters lapping ’round my ankles

In the distance seabirds could be heard

For such memories to be thankful
My time spent out in the west

Too short but to be savoured

From Westport out to Achill

A touch of heaven just a flavour


        A morning stroll

Sun glinting on the landscape
Cool breezes split the air

Seagulls swaying overhead

I wander, without care.
Some People pass by silently

With their minds on other things

And the traffic in the distance

What a different tune it sings.
I walk along reflectively

These lyrics come to mind

My heart beats all that faster

Another maze of words defined


jpoet7/Joseph Black Photography

She remembers her wedding day well,everybody told her how beautiful she had looked and how lucky she was to be marrying such a fine specimen of a man. She was so happy back then.They had moved into a bungalow on a quiet street, John ,her husband was well respected by his friends and peers. They had gone out together socially in the first year, and although he drank a little too much at times she could handle his mood swings. That was until the first child arrived, she had found it hard to cope and got depressed. John had started going to the pub alone, staying out longer, he didn’t seem to understand . Things got tense between them. He started to get angry, and then he hit her , for the first time, he apologised of course, they made love , he went to work and all looked good…

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Ramblings of a relatively old man

I recently found myself standing outside Hedigans public house. I was debating with myself whether to enter or not. You see it was a class reunion of 40 plus years go. I have always looked on these occasions as a get together of lawyers, barristers, accountants and the suited gentry all swigging wine and congratulating themselves on how well they have done.

 I don’t know about you but I tend at times to see other “successful” people as being better off. This of course is nonsense. When I take the time to see what it is I have rather than what I believe other people possess I realise very quickly how lucky and yes successful I really am.

 Let me return to Hedigans I entered sat at the bar ordered a pint, still reluctant to dip my toe into the unknown. I browsed through a magazine glancing around to see if I recognised faces from the past, hoping maybe that I had made a mistake and gotten the date wrong. But there was no escape, there in the snug were gathered a group of grey haired ( those that had hair) men enjoying a chat. I picked up my pint and ventured in. It was like the 40 year gap never existed, ok there was an accountant a professor a few senior civil servants but at the end of the day they were school pals. We laughed, recalled good times and bad spoke of those who had passed away and drank a few pints. We left promising to do it all again next year.

As I rambled home to my beautiful wife and my 8 year old son ( yes they were surprised ) knowing that they were sleeping peacefully and contentedly I realised that what I have and who I am are what is important. I think maybe that we spend too much time wondering what other people are doing rather than being thankful for what we possess. 



 I remember you daddy oh so well

We mark the spot on where you fell.
Each Christmas I come visit here

And find your name and shed a tear.
Your picture on the dresser

In your uniform impressed.
You’re always in our memories

And hope that you in heaven rest.



The chinchilla

They told me when I took him home
The cuddly little fella

That he was tamed and all house trained

My new friend the chinchilla

The first few days were full of praise

He made us oh so happy

But oh! My God was I amazed

He became all grumpy, snappy

He would not let me touch him

To cuddle or caress him

He would bite my hand 

And chew my slippers

He became oh so aggressive

We purchased many toys for him

He became all that more expensive

We decided to offload him

For a pet that was more passive



School days

           Oh! Those school days
Some children huddled in the yard

The lookout on the corner.

He was waiting for the teacher

A certain Mrs. Horner.

She was a lady of some renown

Who disciplined with passion.

And the children often teased her

In a whisper on her fashion.

For she wore her hair up in a bun

With a net to keep it tidy.

The leather hanging by her side

Was always at the ready.

Good ammunition if required 

For children in the classroom.

Who whispered and 

then who quickly ducked

As the duster did fly past them.


Seasons Greetings


           I tell you now of Autumn

The wind whips in the air

The trees they stand like skeletons

Their branches are so bare

The leaves have fallen to the ground

In rustic shades of Amber

And The rustle as the footfall sounds

Of the early morning rambler

The squirrel and the hedgehog

Are busy hoarding rations

To be ready for the winter

And their hibernating fashion.
And then it’s to December

And Santa and his sleigh

Through frost and sleet and cold and snow

Rudolf helps him on his way

The children singing Ho Ho Ho

Expecting all their presents

The parents working overtime

Stuff turkeys and stuff pheasants

The Christmas tree with lights adorned

With baubles and balloons

The carrot and the milk are laid

The big mans coming soon

The excitement is all over

New resolutions made

The one thing that we know for sure

Is that memory will quickly fade