Seasons Greetings


           I tell you now of Autumn

The wind whips in the air

The trees they stand like skeletons

Their branches are so bare

The leaves have fallen to the ground

In rustic shades of Amber

And The rustle as the footfall sounds

Of the early morning rambler

The squirrel and the hedgehog

Are busy hoarding rations

To be ready for the winter

And their hibernating fashion.
And then it’s to December

And Santa and his sleigh

Through frost and sleet and cold and snow

Rudolf helps him on his way

The children singing Ho Ho Ho

Expecting all their presents

The parents working overtime

Stuff turkeys and stuff pheasants

The Christmas tree with lights adorned

With baubles and balloons

The carrot and the milk are laid

The big mans coming soon

The excitement is all over

New resolutions made

The one thing that we know for sure

Is that memory will quickly fade


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