A Morning Stroll ( to whom if any it may concern )

This morning my walk took me up the quays left across the Liffey  and into  old Dublin. I walked up Thomas street past alpha bargains ( a name familiar from my youth)and a host of small stores, not a sign of a department store,  tea rooms and the pubs open for coffee. I stepped into St. Catherines, a cup of tea and a short talk on the Liberties. Then as you do, into Adam and Eve’s  for a short prayer. As I walked on through the narrow streets it’s terrible to say that I wasn’t at all surprised when On the corner I came upon two males shooting up in broad daylight, it is  residential area where children play outside. I understand that addiction is a sickness but there are limits to what the  residents should have to put up with. I walked back down past the architecturally new civic buildings which now sit I think nicely into the Christ church area. Back across the bridge and into the Four Courts area which was now alive with solicitors and barristers laden down with case files ready for another profitable day in court. I’m glad now that I ventured out and looked forward to tomorrow. 


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