Are we wasting our time

You’ve heard of course of the Easter rising

That in itself is not all that surprising

The businessmen and the politicians

See ways of profiting from the exhibition
Do they care I wonder about Pearse or Ceannt

Or the middle classes meeting their rent

With Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, labour and Shin Fein

All fighting their corner some kudos for to gain
All of the tax payers feeling the pain

Clery’s workers soaking in the rain

Political pensions and the great gravy train

The two million pension from I F A coffers

As the small farmers struggle, stagger and totter
One thing this I know is that wherever I will go

For Easter festivities whether in sun or in snow

The price of restaurants and hotels won’t be low

 The Homeless will still sleep out in the street

And Many, many more will have little to eat
Politicians will parade, their chests they will beat

 In An election year they’ll make sure you will meet

You’ll see many faces you’ve never seen before

Asking for your number one and promising more

You’ll probably say yes and then you’ll ignore
So I think you can see that whatever we do

We’ll still have a government that hasn’t a clue

So sit back on the couch and break open a bottle

For no matter what you do they’ll sill be talking twaddle


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