Standing on the ledge of time

     Standing on the ledge of time
Standing on the ledge of time,Shadows in the distance

I smile when I recollect the joys of long past Christmas 

The excitement of the night before all snuggled up in bed

And dreams of Santa flying with presents in his sled

Of waking up next morning and running down the stairs 

Expectantly excited to see what presents were left there

The turkey and the pudding the crackers and the jokes

The joy and laughter still ringing great memories it stokes

But life does have its ups and downs and I remember well

The troubled world of war and crime the stories I could tell

We thought that World War Two would teach us all a lesson

But even now the warring tribes would drive you to depression

There’s poverty and there’s discontent in nations East and West

There’s global warming and wind power and political unrest

There’s China and there’s Russia and their power hungry dictators

And in the West we have the oil and the political manipulators

But what I’ve learned in all my years that history comes in cycles

So I stand here on the precipice of yet another major crisis


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