The last farewell

 The last farewell


He was so happy when we would meet

His smile, his eyes would light, his handshake,

But now he’s gaunt the cancers struck

His skeletal frame, he’s bald on top,

But there’s still a sparkle, he’s still so sweet

Despite the pain, the dwindling breath,

He likes to see his friends come around

But some have stopped, don’t make a sound

You cannot blame them it can’t be easy

To see him lie there, slow uneasy.

 Though his wife is there a tower of strength 

The tea, the chat,like an angel sent.

So take a moment of this precious time

To look beyond the timid frame 

And see the man you knew so well

Take a moment some tales to tell

To watch him laugh or hear him cry

There’s still sometime to say goodbye.

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