Excerpt from when I was young

I must tell the story of how I spent my summers. The first and still vivid in my mind were the times I spent with my aunt and grandma in Ranelagh. I can still remember the long narrow garden, the scent of strawberries and the fold up deck chairs with the candy stripe patterned material . I can remember also napping on the sofa in the afternoons, waking up with a sixpence ( a lot of money back then ) tucked under the pillow , my aunt and I would then walk down to the shop near the church in the sunshine, ( it was always sunny ) pass by the priest bow head salute , back then there were horse drawn carts my aunt used tell me to hold my breath for fear of choking as we passed the horse droppings, ice cream and hop back home not a care in the world, where my grandma would always be, a small thin lady dressed in black , they always did spot the ball and the x word, I think in the Sunday press ,back then it was an adventure ,now I can hear my 7 year old ” bored ” I can’t remember ever being bored. We used to spend most of our summers on the farm where my mother was born ,we worked in the fields thinning turnips with a hoe , picking potatoes, drawing in the hay riding on the back of the tractor, milking cows by hand into bright shiny tin buckets, white warm and fresh, the tail of the cow swishing the flies and the three legged wooden stool. We used to watch my auntie make butter in the churn feed the chickens, hear the cock crow in the mornings, collect the eggs in the barn and have breakfast . We did not have running water in the house back then and used to go to the well and carry the buckets back fresh, clear, cold, spring water and the tank at the side of the house which would fill with rain water.

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