I often wonder ( not really )

What a glorious country we all live in 

Where we take everything with a grin

Where we always complain and give in

Where our taxes and rates they get higher

Where our pensions our politicians did plunder

Where They scratch their heads and then wonder

Why the country is falling asunder.

Where our leaders are totally driven

In volvos and merks – too few women

in dry mansions we see them all live in

To fix the health service they have striven 

The sick In hospital on trollies a given

Doctors and nurses are not just magicians

Attempting to cut back on admissions

At work in unsafe cramped conditions.

The homeless rise as rentals have risen

In expensive hotels they now live in

For the Luas the roads they are digging

Is it a plan or are they just hopefully thinking.
I’m joking of course, just acting the goat

Next month they’ll be out there wanting your vote

And for all of our moaning, complaining and groaning

With flood plains and bog lands that their still rezoning 

With wage rises and tax breaks they’re always postponing 

 We look for a party that’s straight up not phoney

Have we the confidence to change it 

I think not, If Only.


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