Take time to say “hello”

                Take time to say “hello” 
You may see ‘ I love you ‘ scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper. To you they may be just words. But to someone somewhere they meant the world when first they read them. A heart missed a beat, maybe a soft smile appeared. Or may it was a tear that fell, as it brought back memories of a loved one now passed on. The thing is nothing is insignificant in this world of ours. Everything has a meaning. No matter how small. It’s there for a purpose.
 It may be the rain, as I listen to it beat relentlessly onto the window pane. I’m tempted to curse the fact that its there. But in the morning when I awake bleary eyed and see the colours, smell the flowers in the garden below. I should thank the rain for falling and making it all possible. Today when you pass by someone by on the street, acknowledge, smile. You never know what happiness it could bring, because inside a heart might sing and beauty may be created. Just because you took time to say “Hello”. 
Take time to recognise the existence of your family. Sometimes were too ” busy ” in our daily lives and ignore our husbands or our wives. Or maybe our children on the way to school. Then let yourself feel the comfort and warmth within when they smile back or it maybe just a silly grin.
We are all special to someone somewhere. So just like the crumpled piece of paper we do make a difference. Just make sure that what you say or what you do today leaves a smile and not as some may think of the raindrop a tear of sadness on the one you love.
©j.black ( wordverse.me )

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